Carson City Sheriff’s Office office warns of slick roadways

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With the potential for precipitation coming into Carson City, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office is warning motorists to use caution when driving on wet roads.

“Some of our dry roadways are about to become damper and although we are used to driving in more ideal conditions, we need to be aware of the dangers of driving on streets and highways that may be wet or icy,” said Sgt. Scott McDaniel in a press release. “When these conditions arise you must adjust your driving habits accordingly. Slow down and allow more distance between you and the vehicles ahead of you. Stopping distance is going to be increased due to the roadways being wet or icy and remember, not everyone is going to slow down as they should so the risk of vehicle crashes increases.”

Snow and rain is possible today and the snow is likely to come Saturday.

Pay attention

Put away the cell phone.

Give driving your undivided attention

Travel in the slow lane so that traffic does not back up.

If you need to change lanes, signal well in advance of your action so that vehicles behind you can adjust and prepare for your movement.

Keep a sharp eye out for pedestrians.

“Even a small storm with light accumulations of rain or snow can cause big problems if you are not prepared and driving at your very best,” McDaniel said.


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