Fernley author releases latest children’s book

Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc., recently released Fernley author, Mary Jean Kelso’s childrens’ book, “Little Lonnie Long Ears.”

The story, geared toward younger children, carries a theme of learning to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

Reviewer Penelope Anne Cole said, “‘Little Lonnie Long Ears’ ... is one of those books that you should have in your home and school library — just in case. If you have or know a child who is different, and is treated badly for those differences, then this story might help.”

“Mary Jean Kelso’s story is a good one for parents, teachers, and librarians to share with kids who feel rejected or are teased,” Cole added.

“K.C. Snider’s expressive illustrations are perfectly matched to this sweet story. You just want to grab up this sad little bunny, cuddle him, and “make it all better.”

Kelso, who writes for children, tweens, young adults and adults, is published in many formats including e-books, hardbacks, paperbacks, audio and braille editions. Her topics are as diverse as her market. She, primarily, writes fiction but has written and published, along with her daughter, Wendy Whiteman, a genealogy book on her ancestors including her second great grandfather who was killed defending the Alamo.

“Little Lonnie Long Ears” and her other children’s titles are available from the publisher (www.guardianangelpublishing.com) on line, in stores and through her website http://maryjeankelsoauthor.wix.com/mjkel. Contact Kelso at mjkel@aol.com or look for her at author signings throughout Northern Nevada and at the Alamo Gift Shop in San Antonio, Texas, each March.


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