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Oh gosh, Thanksgiving just zipped by. I hope your holiday was as fulfilling as mine. I’m happy that Watson wrote the last article because I was busy with food, family and love. As I’ve told you before my son is a rescuer. During his youth, we had birds, lizards, turtles, cats, hermit crabs and dogs. I thought he had outgrown this rescue phase in his life, but I was mistaken.

Though I find this hard to believe, he said that wind got so intense where he lives that a big fat chicken was blown over his fence. Well guess who picked it up and decided to give it a home? You guessed right, my son. It seems that this chicken worked out better than the big rooster last year. If you remember, Big Red turned out to be a bully and had to hit the road.

So far the chicken they named Windy is working out. She is cute, doesn’t peck and lays eggs. I like happy-ever-after stories, don’t you?

Thanksgiving always gives me the opportunity to call far away family and friends. I talked to my niece, September, in Alaska. (I mentioned September last year in this column.) September loves her chicken who is named Chicken Noodle Soup. So far, Chicken has escaped the fate of her name and is a beloved pet. I thought it was odd that a teenager would like and take care of a chicken but September loves it.

I recently read a survey in Scientific American about the most popular pets. There was an astonishing variety of animals. The animals listed were: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, Guinea pigs, fish, snakes, ferrets, chickens, exotic insects, and sugar gliders. I had never thought of chickens as pets but I guess I will rethink the concept of pets. I love Chicken Noodle Soup’s name because it implies comfort food and I know Chicken is a comfort to her girl. So I guess a good description of a pet would be another creature who gives you comfort.


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WHO’S new AT CAPS’ zoo?

We have the most beautiful and refined black pit bull who you just have to meet. His name is Dozer, and he is as sweet as cotton candy and absolutely adorable! He is black, sleek and gentle. Dozer is three years old and he absolutely loves puppies. Come in to meet this sweetie, he’ll steal your heart away.

We have five adorable four-month old puppies, two female and three male, looking for a holiday home. We also have three male and three female kitties ready for new homes. Policy, however, prohibits adopting out puppies or kittens under the age of six months to a home with children under five years of age. This is to protect both the children and the animal.


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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.


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