Fallon’s growing art community

What was formerly known as Rising Sun Gallery is now “Friends of The Arts Center.” When I received their brochure showing what the new title meant, I was amazed. The center will hold classes, workshops, theatre and special events. It will still be displaying the artwork many talented artists, including many locals.

Of course, this includes little old me. My son, Doug, says what that my crewel design work is a craft and I’m not an artist. It’s all a matte of interpretation. In any case,

I’m thrilled to find that Patricia, the proprietor, has decided to keep the influence of artistic expression alive in Churchill County. In recent years, reduced public spending for the Arts has led to significant loss in cultural life, especially in smaller communities.

This stifles imagination and suppresses the quality of life. Patricia has stated this clearly in the centers brochure. Her gallery has been striving to address this issue by providing art classes, theater productions, and artistic displays in downtown Fallon. It has been formed to provide a place for everyone to discover, embrace, and participate in the creative arts. Their newly acquired 501C(3) status allows them to access tax-deductible individual and corporate gifts, as well as grant funding.

Some of the classes will include the following: “Childhood Art”, “Basic Drawing”, “Introduction to Acrylic Painting”, “Watercolor”, “Young Artists and Beginning Watercolor”. Workshops will include the following: “Ceramics”, “Calligraphy”, “Intro into Weaving for Adults”, “Wood Burning”, the “Ancient Art of Quilting”, and “Mind, Body, Spirit”. There will also be a class called “Divine Divining Pendulums”, one called “Essence & Oil Class” which helps us detach from negative people’s drama and/or family issues.

There’ll be an Arts Night when participants can take home a piece of artwork they create, a class called “Dreams” and one named “Chair Yoga”. Class and workshop discounts are available, so bring a friend. Additional classes are “Energy work,” and “Fountain of Youth Exercises.” Others may find this interesting. It’s called Bread Dough Ornaments, which includes making the bread, designing the ornaments, baking and painting them. In preparation is a theater for Puppeteer.

Events and schedules will be posted and announced on their Facebook page, in our schools and local media. The Friends of The Arts Center is located at 203 S. Maine St. Call 775-410-0571 or 775-294-4135 for further information. I’m glad, of course, that the center will still be showing some of the local artists’ work, including my crewel designs. These classes and workshops are for just about every age group or interest.

Fallon is blessed with an abundance of art and culture. This includes the Churchill Arts Council, WNC, other galleries, as well as civic-minded efforts to preserve and enhance downtown, like the Fallon Theatre. There are also the annual community Christmas sales at the Old High School, where local talent is on display. Please take the time to go down Maine Street. Fallon and its’ mayor should be commended on the improvements over the years.

Since we’re talking about artwork, I need to add something. Someone asked me exactly what is “crewel?” It’s the art of embroidering on cloth material, which is then stretched and put on a backboard for framing. They added – with a sideway grin- why does framing cost so much? Professional framing is expensive, not just for my work but for anybody who is going to have something special of his or hers framed.

Proper framing enhances and adds to the esthetics of the artwork. Ever noticed great artwork in a poorly done frame? I have! Conversely, go to Jeff’s downtown and see Suzie’s display of assorted framing materials. It comes in hundreds of different materials, widths, colors and designs. Then, when you pick the one you want, go to find the correct inside mat that surrounds the artwork. It too comes in assorted widths, colors, etc.

Sometimes — as I do with my designs — I’ll add a second mat and perhaps one with an added fixture. All of these items must be measured and ordered on line. Once in her good hands this all has to be put together precisely to the most minute detail. It takes time and talent to do so and isn’t easy. However, the final product will be something you’ll be proud to display.

Please, next time you’re visiting downtown Fallon enjoying the theatre, art centers, eateries or for any other reason, please take time to visit ‘Friends of The Art Center.” You won’t be disappointed.

Edna Van Leuven is a Churchill County writer and columnist. She may be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com


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