Carson City board approves building permit contract

The Board of Supervisors Thursday voted to renew a contract for Carson City building permit services.

For two years, the city has been working with Charles Abbott Associates Inc., which provides a full-time building official, building inspector and permit technician, and backup personnel as needed, to process the city’s building permits.

The company receives a percentage of building permit fees, ranging from 60 to 70 percent depending on the total fees collected.

Shawn Keating, the company’s building official who works for Carson City, said Charles Abbott had surpassed goals for completing permits in 10 to 15 days and was working on an online permit system that would be tested starting in September and rolled out by year end.

Supervisors Karen Abowd and Brad Bonkowski both said they had heard from local contractors the city’s building permit process is the best in the region.

“The job being done by Shawn and his crew is impeccable,” said Aaron West, CEO, Nevada Builders Alliance. “I typically get calls when there’s a problem and I was getting those calls a lot two years ago. It’s good not to hear form my people anymore.”

The board voted unanimously to continue the contract subject to review in one year.

The supervisors also approved a multiple party or joinder contract not to exceed $500,000 with half a dozen technology suppliers that provide the bulk of the city’s hardware, software and services.

During his presentation, Eric VonSchimmelmann, chief information officer, said the city would be expanding Battle Born wifi, its free Internet access service from SkyFiber now available at Bob McFadden Plaza.

VonSchimmelmann said the service would soon be available at City Hall and eventually rolled out up and down downtown Carson Street and possibly some city parks.

The supervisors voted to accept the recommendation from the Open Space Advisory Committee for the submittal of a grant application to the Forest Legacy Program for a conservation easement.

The easement is proposed for 265 acres of land on the north side of Highway 50 west near the Clear Creek interchange.

The four parcels of land are owned by Old Woods Ranch LLC and Schulz Investments LLC, both owned by the Schulz family.

Ann Bollinger, open space administrator, said the easement would protect water, wildlife and natural plants, help recharge the aquifer and protect scenic outlooks.

She said the city is negotiating with the Schulz family on the details of the easement, which may or may not include public access, and on cost.

Sharon Miller, representing the two LLCs, said the family was discussing what type of public access, if any, they would want to allow.

“Our main concern is we don’t want anyone disturbing the cattle and fire danger,” she said.

Bollinger said each easement is unique, but said the Horsecreek Ranch easement costs $6,274 per acre.

The grant would pay for three-quarters of the easement with the city providing the remainder.

The board appointed a new member to the Planning Commission.

After interviewing nine candidates, four of them for a second time, the supervisors selected Charles Borders to serve on the commission.

“I love this city and want to contribute it,” said Borders. “My skills are in planning and zoning and parks and recreation.”

Border will fill a seat recently vacated by Victor Castro. The term expires in June 2018.

During open public comment, Kiska Icard, the new CEO of the Nevada Humane Society, said they were down to a few finalists for the job of manager at Carson City’s new animal shelter and after the meeting said someone should be hired within two weeks.

In other actions, the board approved the purchase of crack sealant from Maxwell Products Inc. for an amount not to exceed $140,000; adopted a resolution to adopt the Carson City Hazard Mitigation Plan; and approved the work program outline for 2016-2017 recommended by the Open Space Advisory Committee.


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