The Popcorn Stand; Yes, he did go through the spin cycle

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It never ceases to amaze me what the human brain thinks of doing. Jerry Seinfeld has an hilarious bit about how humans use their brains to come up with activities that can do serious damage to their brains, but instead of stopping these activities, humans use their brains to devise a helmet so they can continue these activities that can do serious damage to their brains.

I thought of Seinfeld’s routine when I came across this guy, Rick Maisel, who apparently is an escape artist know for death-defying stunts. Never heard of the guy.

But I’m an old fuddy, duddy who when somebody talks about a stunt person, I think of Evil Kneivel and when somebody tells me about David Copperfield, I think about the book written by Charles Dickens, whom I’m apparently a descendant of. Not that I’ve actually read the book. But that’s a story for another time.

Maisel’s latest death defying stunt is getting out of a washing machine while handcuffed and shackled. My first thought wasn’t how dangerous this stunt was, but who in the world thinks of escaping from a washing machine?

I mean I can just picture Maisel sitting on his couch thinking, “No jumping off the Eiffel Tower is too cliche. Escaping from Alcatraz. Nah. I’ve got it. I’ll escape from a washing machine. Because a dryer would be too hot.”

Because you know escaping from a spinning washing machine full of soap and water and everything makes a lot more sense. Yes, Maisel escapes from the washing machine while it’s actually spinning.

Actually he doesn’t actually escape from the washing machine. He just escapes from all of his handcuffs and shackles and then knocks on the door in which he’s then let out of the washing machine.

Still, my guess is he could use some fabric softener after he’s done.

You can watch Maisel’s stunt here:

— Charles Whisnand


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