Letters to the editor for Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016

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Social Security needs to be protected

First: Social Security is not a “benefit” given to retired citizens. Americans on Social Security worked hard and paid into this account throughout their working years. So, it is not a goodie-goodie that the government gifts us with during retirement.

This was supposed to be a protected account. Come President Lyndon Johnson, that changed dramatically when the funds were taken by the government to facilitate their monetary needs. It was never returned to the rightful owners, we, the people, and has, in fact, been a continual action resulting in an occasional increase but mostly a yearly deduction to most Social Security receivers to continue providing our monies for the government’s needs, regardless of the fact that it is all a basic governmental theft for which they refused to be held accountable.

Nothing has changed over the years except when they decided to use we, the people’s, funds to support their illegal and criminal actions by stealing the funds to support illegal people they insist on allowing into the United States and even granting huge amounts to our enemies to suit their will! And that’s just for starters. They don’t think twice about procuring the retirement monies from legal citizens who earned it for their desires.

Does Congress correct this problem? They are responsible for the money! One way to correct it is to deprive Congressional workers of more than two terms in office and cut all retirement money to them!

Last, but not least, prosecute them and all involved, like Obama, for their crimes ... no ifs, ands, or buts!

Mary Santomauro



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