Carson City Sheriff’s Office: Reminder pull over for emergency vehicles

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The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is warning drivers to remember the proper rules when pulling over for emergency vehicles.

Officials want to remind drivers that they must yield to any emergency vehicle that is approaching, whether that be ambulance, fire or police. They advise that if an emergency vehicle is coming up behind your vehicle, pull to the side of the roadway and stop if it is safe to do so, or at the very least to slow way down so that you can be passed without concern. And do not block an intersection as the emergency vehicle may be turning onto a side street.

Traffic on the opposite side of the road should also pull to the side, though it is not the preferred method to get to the event it is sometimes necessary and the emergency vehicle may need to utilize that side of the roadway to get to where it is headed.

Officials also warn drivers to pull over and stop when law enforcement is attempting to pull over your vehicle. To ensure the safety of yourself and the officer, drivers are encouraged to follow these tips:

Stop your vehicle as far out of the lane of traffic as possible. Stay in your vehicle. If you are stopped at night, turn on the interior light. Good lighting assists good communication. If you leave the vehicle, you subject yourself and the officer to danger from nearby traffic.

Keep your hands in plain view at all times (preferably on the steering wheel) and refrain from making any sudden movements. Wait for the officer to request your license, registration and evidence of insurance.

Officers are trained to ask for identification first and provide an explanation of why you were stopped second. Provide the documents requested, and then give the officer a chance to explain why you were stopped. This will speed up the process. Remember, in most cases, the officer is in uniform and is displaying a badge and name tag. You have the advantage of knowing with whom you are dealing; the officer does not. Extend the courtesy by presenting the requested paperwork promptly and without an argument.

Don’t argue the citation with the officer. If you think that the citation was wrongly issued, the proper procedure is to request a hearing through the court system or attend the hearing for which you received notification.

If you are not comfortable in stopping in a dimly lit area, signal the officer that you see them and point in the direction that you wish to stop for example a well-lit parking lot or street.


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