Job No. 1: Destroy ISIS

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How many more Istanbuls and Orlandos and Brussels do we need before we wake up and smell the gun-powder?

ISIS started World War III years ago, but apparently no one in the Obama administration noticed.

We’re in a bloody war with radical Islamic terrorism, but we’re not fighting in it. No one else in the West is, either.

The United Nations, NATO, the Germans, the Israelis — they can’t do anything about ISIS and won’t.

America must now do what it should have done years ago — take the lead and destroy ISIS. The world can no longer afford to wait for us to get off our butt.

No other country has the resources to take the fight to ISIS’ backyard — and front yard.

No other country except us can provide the international leadership that’s needed to unite the Muslim countries of the Middle East in an all-out war against ISIS.

We know where ISIS lives. They aren’t a bunch of fighters living in tents and wandering around in the de-sert in Japanese pickup trucks.

They’ve built a religious state in Iraq and Syria, a caliphate, that has assets that can be bombed, attacked and captured.

They have headquarters, buildings, mosques, military equipment, training camps, trucks, communications gear. They hold territory and oil fields.

We don’t need any more Obama administration pin pricks. We need to show we are really pissed at ISIS — post-Pearl Harbor pissed.

We need an all out, organized attack by land and air that leaves no doubt about our intention to obliterate ISIS and all of its supporters, which includes men, women and children if they don’t get out of the way.

The United States can’t do it all — and shouldn’t. But only we can assemble a coalition of Muslim countries in the area who can smash ISIS and destroy their ability to incite, organize and provide logistical support to terrorists around the world.

It’s long overdue.

It’s too late for the Obama administration. It’s been a total failure. It’s dithered over how to hurt ISIS and dodged its responsibility to lead the fight.

President Hillary Clinton offers no hope.

Her misguided Mid-East policies are partly responsible for creating the problem in the first place.

Plus, she’s more likely to blame the next inevitable terrorist attack in the USA on insufficient gun control, not insufficient ISIS control.

The way I see it, our only hope is President Donald Trump.

It’s a horrible thought. He’s an arrogant ass. He has a million negatives.

But he’s the only candidate who has the potential to do the right thing and declare an all-out war on ISIS — and win it.

The Number One priority for me at this point in this election is who’s going to stop ISIS.

It’s not about jobs, the economy, immigration or abortion. It’s about American lives and how to save them from being taken by terrorists.

And the only way you save them is by taking the fight to where ISIS lives.

©2016 Michael Reagan


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