Violence against Muslims must end

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If you have been following the news lately you know that Muslim Americans are under attack all over this country. Donald Trump’s proposition to ban Muslims from entering the United States, following the San Bernardino murders, has only served to accelerate the violence against Muslim Americans. Americans, led by the likes of Trump, don’t understand that we are not at war with Muslims. We are at war with murderers who distort the Islamic faith to support their heinous acts of terror.

Despite President Barack Obama’s plea from his Oval Office that we not blame Muslims for the acts of thugs and murderers, it appears many Americans weren’t listening. Since San Bernardino a wave of anti-Muslim attacks have spread across the country. During 2014 , Muslims were the target of 154 hate crimes. The number for 2015 hasn’t been tallied, but there were 17 reported in just one week following Donald Trumps remarks about banning Muslims from entering this country.

These attacks took place in 11 states, so far. They will continue, shamefully. On Dec.11, anti-Muslims terrorists fire-bombed a Mosque in Palm Springs, Calif., while people were inside.

Although Muslim Americans are justifiably frightened, they are trying to prove to the rest of the country that they are indeed Americans. Led by President Faisil Qazi of the MiNDS Network and Tarik El Messida the founder of Celeberate Mercy, Muslims Americans raised $173,000 for the San Bernardino victims in just six days.

Said El Messida, “This united Muslim campaign aims to reclaim our faith from extremists by responding to evil with good, as our faith instructs us, and by rebuilding what they destroy,”

Here’s a portion of a response to Mr. Trump’s proposal from a corporal in the Marine Corps, Shahriar Chowdhury.

“Donald Trumps racism isn’t funny — it’s dangerous. His words matter. They inspire hate-filled attacks on people of color, which we have already seen at his rallies. If I had a chance I’d ask Mr. Trump if he wanted me to return from my 15 months I served in Iraq? Would he want to kick my cousin, Shaniyat out of the Marine Corps? Would he ask my cousin Adil, a NYPD officer to turn in his badge? How about my other first cousin Arif, an Air Force veteran, would he tell him to leave the country after his service? Donald Trump isn’t alone. You hear his words and the tone echoed from extremist candidates across the country.” I got this from a friend. It was sent out by VoteVets.Org. If it doesn’t cause you to stop and think — it should.

Hate talk radio and some Fox analyst have voiced their support for Mr. Trump and his racist anti-Muslim sentiments.. These are the same folks who predicted everything including the end of the world if Obama were elected President of the United States.

The following response to these folks was found on Facebook the other day. It read; “ It’s getting dangerously close to 2016 and you still have your guns, Obama hasn’t risen as the Antichrist, you don’t have government implants, there’s still no such things as a death panel, Sharia Law hasn’t been instituted here, you haven’t been placed in a FEMA camp, you’ve been given Obama’s birth certificate, and more states accepting gay marriage hasn’t ruined this country. Maybe you were just stupid as heck this whole time — If you believed any of these things were going to happen, you have to question the source of your information.”

If you think we are at war with Muslims, and if you believe ISIS is a religious organization, it is time to question the source of your information. Now is the worst time to listen to radio shock jocks, Fox news, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz,and most Republican candidates, regarding world terrorism, Muslims, our immigration policy, or what to do about ISIS. (They haven’t the foggiest). Most seek your vote, not the truth.

Now is not the time to hate, it’s a time to heal. It is not a time for violence against your neighbor, it is a time to love thy neighbor as you love thyself.

We must reject hate filled rhetoric, whether it be aimed at Muslim refugees, Hispanic immigrants, or people of color, all of whom, like Cpl. Chowdhury, are represented in our armed forces. They are fighting our battles. It will be them who will ultimately defeat ISIS, not the likes of hate radio jocks, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or anyone else whose rhetoric flies in the face of truth, reason, and understanding.

Happy Holidays.

Glen McAdoo ,a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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