Background checks question wins Hispanic chamber backing

The Latin Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Ballot Question 1, the background checks initiative.

“Our fundamental mission at the Latin Chamber of Commerce is to promote Hispanic owned businesses and to do what we need to have safe communities,” said Chamber BEO Peter Guzman. “The increasing gun violence in Las Vegas is a concern to our members who are worried about the impacts it will have on our local economy and their individual business.”

Board Chairwoman Maggie Arias-Petrel said safe schools and a good health care system are keys to a thriving community.

“But we see every day how senseless gun violence is putting our children at risk and taxing our hospitals, nurses and doctors.”

She said Question 1 will make it harder for dangerous people to get guns.

The Latin Chamber represents thousands of businesses and individuals and is a primary advocate for Latino businesses, cultural and educational communities of Nevada.

Question 1 is being pushed by a coalition of law enforcement members, domestic violence advocates, faith and community leaders. It would require background checks for all gun sales including gun shows. Weapons retailers are already required to run a check on buyers.


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