Letters to the editor for Sunday, July 10, 2016

Obama administration is tyrannical

How much tyranny will Congress tolerate? The BLM is equipped with an armed militia. The BLM made 70,000 people wait until they got 24-hour ice cream service before they would issue a permit to camp on the Black Rock Desert until they were exposed by RGJ. Now the Department of Interior decided the sage grouse is neither threatened nor endangered, but they still decided to use it as an excuse to lock up millions of acres of public land converting it from multiple use to a government fiefdom.

The entire Obama administration is surrounded by an air of arrogance. The Department of Labor decided unilaterally that berry growers in the Northwest were not paying the minimum wage to berry pickers so it declared the berries as “hot freight” making it illegal to ship berries to market and then unilaterally assessed the growers thousands of dollars before they could ship their berries. The growers paid and sued to get their money back, which a court ordered the money returned.

Rather than solve the problems in Syria and Iraq, the administration wants to enable those people to flee their homes. The administration would rather put a few soldiers over there to be slowly picked off. The administration needs to eliminate the refugees’ need to relocate from their homes.

Julian Smith

Washoe Valley

Chris Carver is best choice for mayor

I would like to thank everyone for their support of my campaign for mayor of Carson City.

I ran for mayor because I thought there are changes which need to be made in the mayor’s office and the city. Changes which are vital for the economic development and security of Carson City and its status as capital of the state.

Although I will not have an opportunity to pursue these changes as mayor, they remain just as important to Carson City. In recent discussions with Chris Carver, it became evident to me that he will carry out the duties of mayor with a balanced perspective and great attention to the voice of Carson City residents. Therefore, I endorse Chris Carver for mayor of Carson City.

I will continue to promote changes in Carson City and foster its development whenever I have an opportunity.

Jerry Cinani

Carson City

Backpacks should be banned from movie theaters

Security vigilance in public places in today’s environment or terrorism and mass killings is a real issue.

Recently I went to see a movie at the Galaxy Fandango. When the movie was over and everyone was exiting the dark theater room, I noticed a person coming out who was wearing a backpack. The person donned his camo hat and sun glasses and immediately entered the causeway leading to the main casino. The backpack was nearly empty. I wondered if it was that way when the person entered the theater, or did he leave “something” behind. I told an employee there of my concerns, but he seemed oblivious to what I was saying.

Later I contacted the on-duty manager about the matter. He agreed with my concerns but couldn’t do anything about it. He said that he would forward my concerns to corporate HQs in Southern California. They must decide about what action, if any, to take about establishing a no backpack policy in their theaters.

I hope he followed through. In the interest of security and public safety, there is no reason a backpack should be allowed to be carried into the theater. Vigilance is everyone’s responsibility.

Steve Isaacson

Carson City

Reelect Mayor Bob Crowell

This November we will choose our mayor for the next four years. Although I was not selected to move forward to the general election, I am very blessed with a wonderful life and do not regret putting my hat in the ring. I will continue to work hard volunteering for our community and working toward a Carson City that remains a kind and progressive place we all want to live and invest.

I feel there is only one person in the race for Carson City mayor that shares that common vision and will work with him and stand behind his non-partisan leadership. I ask all of my supporters to stand with me and say, “I Like Bob Crowell for Mayor.”


Kurt Meyer

Carson City

A helpful hint to P.K. O’Neill

Mr. O’Neill, If you don’t want to be concerned with constituents, why not try to run for Supervisor?

That way you can do what you want with plenty of support.

Michael Wile


City’s water policy is inconsistent

I just received my June 2016 Carson City water bill. Enclosed was an informational sheet with notice of increased rates and days/hours for watering. Of note was large red capitalized letters: “NO WATERING ON MONDAYS” and water before 10 a.m.

On June 27, (a Monday), I was passing Carson High School, and the sprinklers were on. Also, I was at Mills Park on June 6 and 20, both Mondays, around noon, the sprinklers were on. Who’s exempt?

Sheryl Bryant

Carson City


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