Deadline to remove campaign signs in Carson City is June 28

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Note to P.K. O‘Neill, Chris Forbush, Sam England, Jerry Cinani and Kurt Meyer: You remember all those campaign signs you spent days and weeks putting up all over town?

Well they’ve all got to be taken down by June 28.

Carson City’s municipal sign ordinance gives candidates just 14 days after the election to remove all their signs.

Uh, for Bob Crowell and Chris Carver in the mayoral contest and Al Kramer in the Assembly District 40 contest, that ordinance doesn’t apply to you guys because you’re still in the race. Your signs can remain in place until the General Election — specifically until 14 days after the election.

At that point, everyone’s signs have to go.

The ordinance was enacted years ago after city officials noticed losing candidates had little incentive to clean up after themselves, resulting in signs still hanging on corner fences and sticking up in vacant lots. Many of them stayed around until they literally rotted away.

Under the ordinance, failure to remove those signs on schedule is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail, according to Carson Community Development Director Lee Plemel.


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