Campaign signs latest controversy among Assembly District 40 candidates

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Assembly candidate Chris Forbush has filed a complaint with the Carson Sheriff’s Office asking it to investigate the disappearance of some of his campaign signs.

Several others have charged incumbent AD40 Republican P.K. O’Neill is the culprit but Forbush said he has no personal knowledge that’s true.

“So I’m not going to be making any claims,” Forbush said.

He said he just wants the sheriff to investigate what happened to his signs.

O’Neill said the only sign he took down is the one outside Glen Eagles restaurant that has been placed at several places and says “P.K. raised taxes” with an arrow pointing to O’Neill’s campaign sign. O’Neill said he was instructed to remove that sign by the property manager.

That claim was confirmed by Kim Fiegehen, manager of Glen Eagles Restaurant and the family property at that site.

“That sign doesn’t have anything to do with my campaign,” Forbush said.

Fiegehen said she has authorized a number of signs on the restaurant property. One of them belongs to Forbush. But she said the sign in question isn’t one of them.

“P.K. called me and asked me if I even knew about the sign,” she said. She said she told O’Neill to take it down.

“Everyone knows I do not support one Republican over another,” said Fiegehen. “I don’t play those games.”

Fiegehen is active in the GOP and heads the Republican women’s club.

She said she personally approves any campaign signs on the family’s properties.

“I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t like it,” she said.

Those signs were erected next to O’Neill’s signs in several areas around town. O’Neill said he took down those signs and few others of land owners that he had permission to remove.

O’Neill said he has no knowledge of what happened to Forbush’s campaign signs..

Forbush said in his police report “multiple of my political signs” have “gone missing over the past several weeks.” He asked for an independent investigation of what was going on.

Forbush said several yard signs have disappeared but the ones he’s most concerned about were the billboard signs because they’re pretty expensive.

O’Neill said he’s disgusted with the direction this campaign is taking.

“We used to judge our candidates on their capabilities,” he said. “Now it’s who can degrade the other person more.”

Carson Republicans didn’t invite O’Neill to their county convention and failed to endorse him or former Carson Treasurer Al Kramer — who some central committee members earlier urged to run against O’Neill.

Kramer and O’Neill have both been the targets of hit pieces out of Las Vegas. One flier accused Kramer of failing to pay his property taxes.

Sam England accused Forbush of not being a legal Nevada resident long enough to be eligible to run, despite state law allowing college students an exemption if they can show they always intended to return to the state.

The primary election is June 14.


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