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What has happened to common sense? Violence proliferates. In the name of a cruel god and a ruthless religion, a terrorizing army kidnaps, murders, tortures, burns, plunders and destroys. Yet it’s a hate crime to speak out against such a religion?

It’s politically correct to vilify the faith of those who care for the poor, feed the hungry, build hospitals, nurture and educate orphans, freely tend the sick in missions of mercy, rescue victims from human trafficking, share the good news of personal freedom, pray for hurting people, and even for their enemies? It’s OK to persecute, restrict, punish, and falsely accuse this army of mercy and kindness? People who give up comfort and safety?

People who risk their lives in the name of the One Who gave His life to bring us peace and life, not terror and death?

He is the Prince of Peace, and He is alive and well. His resurrection is a solid fact. His spirit lives in those who believe. Faith in Him demands that we stand up for truth and freedom and personal responsibility.

Ours is the land of the free and home of the brave, one nation under the God Who gave us His Manual of Operation. Who would vote for political correctness, for a continued slide toward a loss of integrity, inviting the encroachment of Islam? Whoever you are, you are out of your cotton-pickin’ mind!

Mary Glaesman


Tax on medical equipment is cruel


In April, the Nevada Tax Commission is hearing final testimony on the taxability of home oxygen systems and other home medical equipment. The commission must also decide if it agrees with a 1990 Nevada Supreme Court decision that exempted all oxygen administration equipment.

These systems are used to treat conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, emphysema, lung cancer, and cardiac disease. Other infant and adult medical equipment must also be ruled taxable or non-taxable for patients who are sick, injured or dying at home.

Most patients suffering from these diseases cannot work and have suffered irreparable financial harm. Their serious medical expenses are made worse by the sales and use tax on life-saving equipment; all this for an estimated .0004 cents per dollar of revenue for the state.

The Nevada Department of Taxation’s persistence in finding ways to tax the most vulnerable of our citizens on equipment they cannot live without is both cruel and inhumane.

Doug Bennett


The GOP then and now


Ross Perot in 1992 was the last non-political candidate who had tremendous support from the American voters to become the president of the Untied States. He, too, was a self-made billionaire who warned us of the NAFTA deal and our never-before $4 trillion debt. His message was that if the NAFTA deal went through, it would weaken America.

He ran as an Independent against Bush, who was seeking his second term, and an unknown governor from Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Mr. Perot, a soft spoken diminutive man in stature only, was ridiculed by the press and glib politicians’ rhetoric.

Today we are facing the same dilemma. A whopping $19 trillion debt and a trade agreement not even Congress has had full disclosure of.

This time, however, the people’s choice is an outspoken Republican with the same message. You may not like Trump, but does the GOP have the right to tell us who to vote for? I think not. The last two elections they gave us two losers. In 1992, the GOP handed the presidency to Bill Clinton and it is about to repeat the same blunder with yet another Clinton.

We the people have the final say. Vote for your candidate, not for who the establishment tells you.

Inga Silver

Carson City


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