Bernie’s zealots are pitching a hissy-fit

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Hissy-fit can also be called a temper tantrum. A group of Bernie Sanders’ delegates, not all, wanted to present a petition and speak during the Nevada State Democratic Convention. They didn’t get their way, so they pitched a hissy-fit.

There was absolutely no time for this during a one-day convention. In any event the time to petition to speak at the Convention is before the convention, not during the convention. Evidently, the group also seems to think that Sanders’ delegates need not show up to be counted. As a result only 77 percent of Sanders’ delegates showed up compared to 98 percent of Hillary Clinton’s delegates. She won.

Naturally, and fairly, Sanders lost the State to Clinton. There was nothing rigged and no one cheated. Sanders got out-organized and lost. Maybe Sanders’ folks need a new T-shirt which reads “we lose — we should win anyway.”

A similar thing happened at the Churchill County Convention where Hillary’s delegates showed up and a number of Sanders’ delegates didn’t. As a result, Churchill County sent 10 delegates to the state convention for Hillary and eight for Sanders. There was no violence, no shouting of derogatory or obscene remarks. All was pleasant. It was an entirely different story at the state convention where we saw outrageous and even violent behavior by a group of Sanders zealots. Not all Sanders’ delegates were involved.

Bernie Sanders said he doesn’t condone violence, but — and it’s a big but — he supports the delegates at the Nevada Convention who he said were treated poorly (nonsense) causing them to behave in a totally unacceptable manner. He was asked by Sen. Harry Reid to stop the violence and refused to intervene.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer attempted to speak at the convention on behalf of Hillary Clinton and was shouted down by Sanders’ delegates who called her obscene names and even blocked the cameras from televising her speech. At one point she pleaded with the crowd telling them she is a longtime friend of Bernie Sanders. It didn’t deter them. This behavior is nothing short of childish.

The convention was run under rules decided by a rules committee comprised equally of Sanders and Clinton delegates. Roberta Lange, the Sate Party Chair, conducted the convention as decided on well in advance and agreed to by Sanders and Clinton delegates.

It appears as if some Sanders’ supporters wanted to present a petition during the convention. The time to do this is before the convention, to the rules and platform committees, both comprised of Sanders and Clinton delegates; not on the convention floor. They think the rules which have been pretty consistent for years, were somehow unfair to their candidate. That’s patently and utterly ridiculous.

It is Sanders’ responsibility to reel in these zealots and put an end to their violent behavior. I might add you can find the same people acting out at Donald Trump’s rallies. That incite the already violent Trump suppor4ters to act in a violent manner. These Sanders’ zealots are becoming more and more violent as it becomes more and more obvious that Clinton has this thing sewed up.

They say if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination they will vote for Donald Trump. These aren’t Democrats. They’re just angry at the establishment. Evidently, they don’t know that Sanders has been a senator for nine years and a Representative for 16 years. He’s as much a part of the establishment as Clinton.

So they’ll vote for the Republican. So much for Sanders’ concern about the environment and global warming. So much for the Democrats concern about nuclear proliferation. So much for equal pay for women. So much for a decent minimum wage. So much for a woman’s right to choose. So much for controlling Wall St. So much for immigration reform. So much for campaign finance reform. So much for this country! It makes me wonder what these childish Sanders supporters ever did believe in. They clearly don’t reflect the views of the Sanders delegates who attended the Churchill County Convention. They had class.

This column would not be complete without discussing the violent threats made against Roberta Lange. She started receiving obscene and threatening phone calls at 3AM the day after the convention. She had to disconnect her phone. She was threatened with public hanging and death by any number of means. They followed her to her place of work the next day and continued their ranting outside the restaurant. Even her co-workers felt threatened.

Who are these people? They sure as hell aren’t Democrats worthy of being delegates representing a candidate for the highest office in the land.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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