BLM issues decision for sage grouse plan

The BLM has issued a decision for  greater sage-grouse land use plan agreement.

The BLM has issued a decision for greater sage-grouse land use plan agreement.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today announced their final plan to conserve, enhance and restore sagebrush and associated habitats to provide for the long-term viability of a small but distinct population of Greater Sage-Grouse on public lands in Nevada and California.

“This plan strikes a balance among public land uses and users and offers a workable solution to protect natural and cultural resources as well as the socio-economic fabric of the bi-state region,” said John Ruhs, BLM Nevada State Director.

The amendment and ROD will amend the current Carson City District Office Consolidated Resource Management Plan (RMP) and the Tonopah Field Office RMP to guide management of BLM activities on about 280,000 acres of agency-administered public lands in Carson City, Douglas, Esmeralda, Lyon, and Mineral counties in Nevada and Alpine County, California. The plan amendment does not make any activity/project specific decisions within sage grouse habitat, instead leaves those decisions to subsequent analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act guidelines. It respects valid existing rights and does not make any decisions regarding private property or lands managed by any other federal, state or local government agency.

The BLM and Forest Service will continue to partner with local, state, federal and tribal partners in both California and Nevada to ensure there is seamless management direction for all sage-grouse issues across agency boundaries and populations.

The land use plan amendment and ROD are available on the Carson City District web page at: and the Battle Mountain District web page at: For further information, contact Colleen Sievers, Project Manager, at 775-885-6168 or email


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