View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Like this: “I don’t want no rubbish, no fine sentiments if you please.” Said the widow when she was asked what kind of an epitaph she desired for her late husband’s tombstone. “Let it be short and simple something like this: William Johnston, aged seventy-five years. The good die young’” — Pittsburg Press

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 11, 1916

Local Happenings: Mrs. W. A. Keddie returned the first day of the week from a visit at the bay. The “poor married man,” Himself, is no slouch. They’ll all make you laugh. The Moffitt company sent in six carloads of cattle this week to be fattened on alfalfa.

The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, November 11, 1916

75 Years Ago

John Oats was among the Fallonites who identified themselves with the Walker Lake Scramble, and John with his customary good luck struck it rich. The whistle of the locomotive and the noise of the cars will soon add to the life of Fallon. The 16-mile branch road between Hazen and Fallon, traversing the desert, where only a few years ago the horned toad and viper had undisputed possession, but which is now the scene of a network of irrigation ditches, is so nearly completed, that it is possible for those in charge of construction work to set the date for the railroad’s entrance into Fallon.

The Maine Street crosswalks are constructed for half their respective lengths and this week will see the work on the other half well along toward completion. They are built on the “straight and narrow path” specification out is a big improvement at that.

Elmer W. Knight, chemist and assistant superintendent at the U.S. Experiment Farm, was married Wednesday in Stockton to Miss Marie Mitchell of grass valley.

Dr. H. R. S. Consol is here from Bowers Mansion Looking after his mining interests. A delightful shower was tendered Miss Georgina Ascargorta at the home of her aunt Mrs. Felix Ascargorta, with the Misses Mary and Josephine Ascargorta as hostesses.

Alan Hicks after vacation with his mother left on the steamship Milako for Honolulu. The Misses Louvena McLean, Dora Temple and Battle Peterson attended the Navy Ball in Hawthorne Saturday. Joe Blum of Stillwater recently harvested 3,000 Gladioli of 18 varieties.

The Fallon Standard, Saturday, November 8, 1941

50 Years Ago

Navy day observed in Fallon: Navy league members of Fallon opened their homes to personnel stationed at the Navy’s Desert Air Station in celebration of Navy day, October 28, as part of the command-community relations program between the Navy League and NAAS.

Fallon Eagle, Friday November 4, 1966

Fallon wins 27-14 over Carson City in final game: Fullback, John Wright, playing the best game of his career led the Fallon Greenwave to a 27-14 victory over Carson City Friday night at the capital city in the final game of the year.

Fallon Eagle, Friday November 4, 1966

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Dwen Davis, Churchill County Museum Assistant.


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