The Popcorn Stand: Presidential campaign could be Rocked

The Rock could be our next president. I know nothing about The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, other than he’s a big dude who appears in movies, including “The Fast and Furious” series. I’ve never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies, which I guess as a man I’m really not supposed to admit.

I did actually see “The Game Plan,” a cheesy movie in which The Rock plays a pro football quarterback who finds out he has a daughter and well, you get the idea, it’s just a cheesy movie. The Rock seems to be a nice enough guy, although I have no idea what kind of president he would be. I have to admit, though, it would be pretty cool if our president was named The Rock.

Although I’m sure Wolf Blitzer-types at CNN would refer to him as Johnson because you know news people with names like Wolf Blitzer have got to maintain a certain amount of decorum. But how cool would it be if the news types would say something like: “Now The Rock is meeting with Angela Merkel.” If Johnson says everybody has to refer to himself as The Rock if he becomes president, that might be enough for me to vote for him.

Actually I’m still in disbelief The Rock is seriously considering a run at president in 2020 although every source I look up on the internet says it’s true. Evidently The Rock was encouraged to thinking he could be president when some poll stated he would beat Donald Trump in an election or something or other.

But don’t get me wrong. There’s no question in my mind The Rock could be our next president. I’m not a betting man, but depending on what odds you give me, I could be willing to bet on the possibility of The Rock becoming president.

The Rock is an attractive, articulate, alpha-male type dude, who’s named, well, the Rock after all. He’s really as American as apple pie. And we Americans eat up apple pie. And he could have a catchy campaign slogan. “It’s time to Rock.”

Don’t laugh. The Rock could roll into the White House.

— Charles Whisnand


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