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Super Bowl 51 triggered the wry Facebook comment: “not my superbowl.” Another poster wrote: “Atlanta led three of four quarters: they are rightful winners of the game.” The parallels with Hillary’s loss are intentional.

Both posts would be funny except for the harsh truth they reveal: Three months after the November presidential election, and three weeks into President Trump’s administration, many diehard Hillary Clinton supporters still want to delegitimize Donald Trump and bring him down. There are even calls for impeachment, as if executive orders are suddenly an impeachable offense.

The mindless rage being displayed is ugly and quite pointless. What would protesters prefer? Mike Pence or Paul Ryan in the White House? Because that would be the natural progression if Trump were forced out of office.

The largest manifestation of this anti-Trumpism was the so-called “women’s march” that purported to be about women’s power but contained mostly anti-Trump signs. On-scene interviews of the marchers revealed only vague statements of what they wanted — other than to express outrage at the newly-inaugurated President. If half of those women had gone to the polls on Nov. 8 the outcome would have been different. But like so many “smart folks,” it was inconceivable to them Hillary could lose. And they still claim she didn’t lose, if the popular vote is taken as the deciding factor. Which it isn’t, of course, as both candidates knew long before the election, but which makes the Facebook Super Bowl comment humorous.

Anti-Trumpers’ latest target is the executive order suspending visa issuance for travelers from seven countries that either have non-functioning governments or (like Iran) are openly hostile to the USA. The Governor and Attorney General of Washington state are outspoken in their criticism of Trump’s immigration action, suing in federal court to have it overturned. They finally succeeded Feb. 4 when U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled against the executive order, effective nationwide.

A Feb. 5 Washington Post article by Amy Wang notes Judge Robart’s restraining order could be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court, except the Supremes are “divided between four liberal and four conservative members,” according to Wang. No hint the justices might rule in accordance with constitutional precedent — only about their political persuasion. How far we’ve fallen!

Confirming the reputation of the northwestern U.S. as a bastion of liberalism, CEOs of a number of Washington-based companies like Amazon and Starbucks affirmed their need for foreign workers for the smooth operation of their business. Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, even vowed to hire 10,000 refugees in 75 countries, a pledge that might run afoul of immigration laws in many countries where Starbucks does business and where political correctness isn’t king.

As I wrote in a previous column, it’s past time for people to accept the electoral outcome and stop this destructiveness. Protesters need to recognize they are pawns of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, a globalist effort that purports to support civil society but wants ultimately to do away with national borders and is rabidly anti-American. It’s past time for protesters to put the good of the nation ahead of Soros’ evil designs.

And it’s time to begin arresting and filing criminal charges against masked protesters who break windows and burn property in their violent tantrums. This is not legitimate political discourse; it’s over-the-top thuggery. These anarchists want to bring down our government, not just our President. They care nothing for poor families torn apart by visa laws; they want to shred the fabric of America. We need to take our country back from the lunatics.

Fred LaSor is sickened by the young thugs who rioted in Berkeley, many of whom, we are learning, did not vote.


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