Jumping Trump’s ship

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Well by golly, it seems many Trump supporters are jumping the Donald’s ship because of his sexual misconduct. So? Who wouldn’t jump ship when it’s sinking? President Obama said, “I guess all the other things weren’t enough to tip some Republicans over the edge.” Joe Heck, the Republican candidate for Senate opposing Catherine Cortez Masto, now wants Trump to quit. Really, it’s people like Heck who are responsible for Trump getting this far. He’s as unfit for office as Trump.

Where was Heck when Trump was supporting nuclear bombs for Saudi Arabia and Japan? Where was Heck when Trump was attacking the Khan family and mocking a handicapped reporter? Where was Heck when Trump called Mexican immigrants rapist and murderers, and wanted a judge removed from presiding over a case involving Trump because a judge, born in Colorado, was a “Mexican”? Where was Heck when Trump vowed to prevent Muslims from entering the United States? Where was Heck when Trump wanted to punish women who have an abortion? Where was he when Trump urged his followers to punch protesters in the face? Where was Heck when Trump was demeaning women, calling them pigs, slobs, dogs and much worse?

I’ll tell you where; He was standing side by side with Trump on his ship echoing every word Trump uttered.

Where’s Heck been while Trump was telling lie, after lie. He knew Trump was lying when he said he was always against the Iraq War. He knew Trump wanted, even demanded, Obama invade Libya and oust Gaddafi. He knew Trump was lying when he denied saying climate change is a hoax. It doesn’t bother Heck that Trump has paid less in federal income tax the last 20 years than a Fallon waitress paid on her tips last year alone. Heck was with Trump no matter what he said or did — until. Until the “tape.”

The tape revealed Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. Mike Pence says Trump’s convoluted apology is enough. He’s nuts. The tape confirmed what we’ve known for some time; Trump treats women with disrespect and sexually abuses them. What’s next? A lawsuit against Trump for raping a young girl, originally scheduled for a court hearing in October, has been mysteriously rescheduled until after the election, on December 16.

During the second, and third debate, Trump said Russia, Iran, and Syrian President Assad are killing ISIS in Syria. They aren’t killing ISIS. They’re killing the rebels who oppose ISIS and Assad. This is a prime example of Trump’s complete lack of knowledge of foreign affairs, and what’s happening in Syria and the besieged city of Aleppo.

Still, Trump’s supporters madly cheer when he attacks the Clintons, the press and the GOP. As Trump said, he could kill someone in the middle of the street and his supporters wouldn’t do anything about it. What do you call people who still support a racist, anti-women, anti-Mexican, and anti-Muslim candidate who has admitted to sexually assaulting women? Hillary was close when she said half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable. I think half is too low and deplorable too kind. People still supporting Trump are much worse than deplorable; They are nasty, disgusting, ignorant, hateful and prone to violence. I hear some of them in casinos and restaurants talking their racists nonsense. They want to make America white again, not great.

Abraham Lincoln, in order to get the Thirteenth Amendment passed, freeing slaves, publicly told Congress he didn’t support giving freed slaves the right to vote. Privately he did. He told Congress there were no Southerners in the city seeking a peace agreement. Peace would have ended any chance of passage of the Amendment. He hedged, they were just outside the city limits. These are examples like Hillary was referring to in the debate when asked about her statement about having different views publicly and privately. Trump tried to make a joke about using old Abe as an example. Although contrived, it wasn’t a bad example at all. I don’t think Trump understands any thing about the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment and how Lincoln connived, yes connived, to get it passed. Thank God Almighty

In less than two weeks, we will know if this country is to be led by a vulgar, racist, foul-mouthed sexual deviant or whether we will have our first woman president, to whom Trump may not concede. We will also learn if Joe Heck can be elected while floundering in the water after jumping Trump’s ship, which he should never have boarded in the first place. Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto will make a terrific team.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at glen@phonewave.net.


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