11 reasons why people moved to Carson City

Following up on the Top 10 ways to know you’re a Carson City local, it’s quite evident that folks love this town.

However, we also realized falling in love with Carson City goes beyond the born and raised. We did another Q&A on our Facebook page incorporating our Instagram campaign, #MeetYourNeighbor, as an outlet to get to know the people of Nevada’s capital:

“What do you love about Carson City, or what brought you here? Comment below for a chance to be featured on our Instagram @nevadaappeal!”

It’s fascinating to read comments of how and why current residents got here, so we’re showcasing it on our Instagram every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here’s what others said about why they came to Carson City:

1. We came through on vacation and moved here within months. An old friend needed help with his construction company 30 years ago. Never missed the PNW (Pacific Northwest). Don eventually became President of N. Nevada Builders Association. – Nathan Zufelt from Puyallup, Washington.

2. We were looking for a place to retire. After living in So. Cal, we didn’t want to be in a big town, but not somewhere really out of the way either. Carson City just seemed to fit the bill. I love the activities and the restaurants. We survived the winter and love getting out now and hiking. I even love just driving 25 miles an hour most places and not because of traffic. And of course the people are friendly. – Cindy Graydon.

3. Lived in Vegas all my life, went to Carson City on a business trip. When were driving from Reno to Carson City I was falling in love with Washoe Valley. The beautiful lake, green pastures, cows and horses grazing, those breath taking mountains that were covered in green forest trees. Then I was in the sweetest little state capital town. People walking from place to place. I was actually in the old SIIS building on Musser and we walked over to a little pizza place called Nicks Pizza for lunch. Everyone from the customers to the servers were nice and they all knew each other. The weather had a cooler crisper feel to it and I knew this was were I wanted us to move to and raise our daughters. With in 5 months we sold our home in Vegas, I transferred my job and we found a house to rent this was in 1996. There is so much to do and see in Carson City and it never gets old, of course Nevada Day is the greatest event in my book! I still tell everyone “it’s not Las Vegas but it is still Nevada”! – Connie Higgons Corley.

4. Moved here from Southern California in 1998 one year after we got married. We wanted out of the rat race and loved Carson City because of its location. It was near Lake Tahoe, Reno, Genoa, Virginia City with lots of outdoor activities. Boating, fishing, jet skiing, dirt bike riding, skiing. The list goes on. Although our family was not happy with our move, my hubby and I made the right decision and now are raising our 6 and 5 year old boys in a beautiful city! – Vicki Bryan-Reifer

5. We originally were going to move to Lake Tahoe but there are a lot of restrictions. We also realized we would have to come to Carson City to do all shopping. We found some new construction in Carson City and bought on the same day. We love the “small town” feeling. Everyone is so friendly here. We moved here in October 2016 and just moved into our new home. We love it here, this is our forever home! – Alice Quayle

6. I love the big skies. I love the sense of community. I love easy access to shopping. I love not shovelling snow all winter. I love all the hiking trails. As a transplant from long-time Lake Tahoe, I love being able to hike a short distance up Kings Canyon feel like I am in the Sierra again. I love that I have met a group of my dearest girlfriends through Muscle Powered! – Jenny Anderson Haas.

7. I moved here from Louisiana in 2005 after Hurricane Rita shut down my job. It was either here or Chicago. Super tough choice, right? – Leah Johnson.

8. My great aunt and uncle, May and Judson Lamb, owned the Dairy Cone, before it became the Penquin. I inherited their home in 1990 and moved to CC. They were one of the first land owners in New Empire, now east Carson City. I donated their windmill to the Railroad Museum. – Heather Hastings Griffitts.

9. My mom came up here for vacation with my cousin. She sent for me, I came up on a plane with a suitcase. We left our whole apartment and started over. I grew up on Brenda Way in Washoe Valley. That was July 15, 1978. I was 13. Now I’m old. – Donna Gray.

10. Moved from Oklahoma to Carson City. The mountains are so beautiful and Lake Tahoe 20 miles away, Reno 25 miles away…what more could you ask for? – Jeannie Cusick.

11. The scenery and the relaxed pace. Jack in the Box and Dutch Bros coffee. I’m from New Jersey, it’s better here. – Deborah Smith.

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