Israel should be at the top of your travel bucket list

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One of the most fascinating trips I have taken in recent years was the unforgettable journey to the Holy Land in February 2015.

You need not be a bible scholar to enjoy every aspect of this journey. This is a historic peek into the birth of all religions and brings to life the many tales most Christians learned in their youth. You need not be a confirmed believer to appreciate the history and the struggles so many cultures have had over this land.

I saw so many sites that were unknown to me. Caesarea was a surprise, for although I know the Romans were a traveling bunch, I had not expected to find this ancient Roman capital built by Herod the Great around 22 B.C. You’ll see more UNESCO sites along the way that were populated before the birth of Christ.

You’ll sail across the Sea of Galilee on a replica of a boat used 2,000 years ago and then enjoy lunch at a kibbutz. You’ll overnight at the Dead Sea and enjoy the opportunity to float in these healing waters. Did you know the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth?

After a tour of one of Herod’s palaces in Masada, you’ll stop in Bethlehem on the way to Jerusalem. You almost can’t absorb all the history you will be told. Then on to visually stimulating Jerusalem where those of you who love to shop will be delighted with the bazaars filled with an array of colorful wares in the old city. It is here I visited the Western Wall — or Wailing Wall — witnessing the devout Jewish who leave notes behind within the cracks in the wall. The tour of Jerusalem is all encompassing and you’ll visit all those famous religious sites so revered by Christians.

Is Israel safe? I and my traveling companions never felt even the slightest threat. Collette Vacations would not allow travel to a country where Americans would be a target. The full itinerary reads like a familiar book that will come to life once you travel there in February 2018. To save $300 per person, you must put in your deposit by Aug. 1. I promise this to be a trip of a lifetime!

The 2018 Chamber Travel Club line-up is still coming in. Just recently, we received information on two truly “out of the box” tours for those who want to experience the truly different. Last month I wrote about the Polar Bear Discovery Tour departing next October. I’m equally excited to introduce what we think will be the most exciting holiday tour ever — a trip to Finland to not only see the spectacular northern lights, but to meet Santa Claus in his Lapland village as well. We’ll have the opportunity to go on a reindeer safari and enjoy driving our own dog sled team. One of our accommodations will be in a glass igloo so you can view the lights while lying in your bed. To see the full itinerary, go to the Chamber’s Travel Club site. Or, just stop in to pick up a brochure. The 2018 departure is Dec. 6 and all reservations are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only 24 spaces are available and as of this writing, only 18 spaces are left.

The next Chamber Travel Club meeting is scheduled on Sept. 18 and will feature Collette Tours. As for me, I’m off to Nova Scotia to learn more about Anne of Green Gables!

Marilyn is a consummate traveler and at 88 years old enjoys every moment of her adventures.


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