Cheers & Kudos: Jacks Valley students exceptional in showing patriotism

Fifth grade students from Jacks Valley Elementary School showcased their patriotism in a tribute to veterans.

Fifth grade students from Jacks Valley Elementary School showcased their patriotism in a tribute to veterans.

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The graduating fifth grade students at Jacks Valley Elementary School put on a patriotic assembly program on June 6 to honor their parents, military veterans and guests and celebrate the importance of American history and what they have learned of this history this past year. They have been practicing, under the guidance and dedication of their teachers, Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Hall, since April.

The nearly one-hour program consisted of fifth grade students with individual speaking parts, which included holding letters of the alphabet while various student speakers shared an important aspect of American history to correlate with each letter.

During the program, slides of America were displayed on a large screen and at specific intervals the fifth graders along with their teachers sang nine patriotic songs using coordinating hand, arm and body movements to depict the elements and words of the song (just sensational how well this was done).

It was a total school program with junior grade students sitting on the floor in a quiet and respectful manner with their teachers and a teary and mesmerized audience in chairs behind them. Veterans were fortunately in the audience to let the students know how very important and happy their efforts made us feel along with their parents.

Along with Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Hall, who helped the students learn their parts and songs, we as well must thank Mr. Kvasnicka and Mr. Fromdahl who helped with the sound and the slide show and surely not forget Mrs. Valdez who was paramount in teaching the students the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language. A congratulations to both Pam Gilmartin, principal, and Blaine Spires, assistant principal, for their leadership and the staff at the front door who were always so welcoming and helpful to me.

Jacks Valley Elementary School draws its 400 plus students from Jacks Valley, Genoa, Indian Hills and Sunridge.

Gary Armstrong

Nevada Marine Corps League Commandant

A veteran’s thoughts about impressive presentation

I am a retired U.S. Marine officer who lives here in Carson City and has the pleasure to serve with the local Marine Corps League, an extension of our Corps and a valued charity organization.

Because of this membership, I was invited with my fellow veterans to attend the patriotic graduation ceremony held for fifth graders at Jacks Valley Elementary School.

Now, I believe that everyone is quite aware of the events going on in our nation. Suffice to say, these are scary times for all of us!

As a 20-year veteran, my love for this nation has seen no boundaries, and this grammar school presentation has caused me to share my thoughts with you.

It covered the alphabet, A through Z, each letter opening a subject or a song presented by the graduating students who outlined the greatness of the United States of America, our National Anthem, our flag, our history, our heroes, our values, our dedication.

Yes, my friends, the presentation was magnificent and certainly needed at this time. We very proud Marine veterans sat in our chairs, enchanted, filled with pride, a few tears leaking from our so-called “hardened” faces!

Yes, again, a beautiful, dedicated presentation of what is right with the United States of America!

Thank you, Jacks Valley Elementary. This nation needs you!

Roy E. Place

Retired U.S. Marine Corps


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