The Popcorn Stand: I’ve caught up to 2011 with an iPhone

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The old fuddy duddy has finally made it to, say, 2011 by purchasing an iPhone. I figured it was time to get a new phone when the phone I had could no longer receive text messages. Besides as a journalist it was getting kind of embarrassing to carry around the relic of a phone I had.

I’m a lot like my father when it comes to technology. Pretty much I don’t like it. As I’ve said before if technology actually worked, I might be OK with it.

Stuff that works, that’s all I want stuff that works.

I have to admit it was pretty frustrating with my father sometimes when it came to technology. He wouldn’t touch a computer, but he would ask my mom and myself to look up stuff on the inter webs.

Whenever I sent a text to someone, it never ceased to amaze my dad. Of course that could be pretty understandable since my dad never used a phone until he was 17 in the first place.

I remember when we bought a new television and my father proclaimed: “I hate that computer, I hate that phone and I’m probably going to hate that TV.”

My father was pretty much clueless when it came to any kind of technology past 1980. Earlier this year my father came across a technological marvel at a yard sale. It was a Walkman. It had never crossed my mind my father really never had any use for a Walkman or wouldn’t even know what it was.

But he was like a kid in a candy story with his new fangled gadget talking about how he could use it to listen to music while working in the garage.

I find myself like him grudgingly progressing from e-mail to Facebook to now finally owning an iPhone.

Now how do I get this thing to make a sound so I know when I receive a text message?

— Charles Whisnand


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