Letters to the editor for Nov. 10, 2018

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A solution to decreasing national debt

President Trump was correct in his criticism of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates too rapidly without any current inflation fears (very minimal increases during Obama years) having a negative effect on the growing economy. Every increase of 1 percent on the interest rate results in $200 billion additional annual debt expense on the federal budget. Now the solution: Increase the harvesting of lumber from federal lands. The current $600 million tree harvest will need to be increased to 3 billion trees (would take us to efficient planned harvesting levels of the 1980s) before the environmentalists and Democrats used the Endangered Species Act to almost end the logging industry, leaving us with the loss of millions of jobs and 7.5 billion dead trees in the national forests of 11 western states (Denver Post 2017, U.S. Forest Service). Value of the lost resources is estimated at $14.5 trillion. This equals two-thirds of the national debt, or 580 times the $25 billion wall, or three and a half times the $4 trillion annual federal budget (estimated average size of tree 0.4 cords or 650 board feet by U.S. Forest Service 1 cord equals 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet equals 1,550 board feet at an estimated $3 per board foot, which equals 12-inch square by 1 inch thick equaling an average value of tree $2,000 each). The 2.4 billion tree increase would add approximately $4.8 trillion annually to the economy with 40 percent of the total (stump fees) designated to reducing the national debt by $2 trillion per year.

Mark Tarvainen


Becoming two states might have been good idea

The November election is now over and we are well on our way to becoming another California mess. The California liberals have left the terrible state of affairs they created and want to do the same here. Maybe the smarter people of California had the right idea too become two states, the north and south. Think about it: Could this be in our future? Hopefully, we can correct any mess they make in the next election.

Glenn Bush

Carson City

Trump is not above the law

Even as ballots in some states are still being counted, Trump could not wait to force Sessions’ resignation in an obvious effort to undermine the Mueller investigation.

Nevadans’ ballots have been counted, and we are demanding that Congress fulfill its constitutional obligation to provide oversight of the executive branch.

Grassroots coalitions are gathering in communities throughout our state to demand accountability from all our elected officials. Ordinary Americans who collude with foreign powers, cheat on their taxes or engage in illegal business practices face justice. Those in power cannot exempt themselves. What is this president and his party leadership so desperate to hide?

Nevadans will demonstrate against Trump’s reckless action, in solidarity with other Americans around the country. We will not stop our demands until justice is served.

Laura J. Hale

Carson City


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