Dogor, my ancestor frozen in time

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Watson here and I’m happy to report that scientists have discovered an 18,000-year-old frozen pup in Siberia. He was two months old at the time of his death and so well preserved that scientists can use his DNA. They named him Dogor, which means friend, and he may be the missing link between dogs and wolves. That means I have a new greater, great-grandpa.

We won’t know for a while because they are testing his DNA, and recent analysis hasn’t confirmed if Dogor is a wolf or dog. Dogor may be an entirely different species that dogs descended from, the beginning of dogs as we now know them. It may take several tries to pin point the data. Dogor may tell us when dogs became domesticated.

Domesticated dogs have been around for quite a while. In fact, there is no real proof when dogs appeared. In a recent study published by Nature Communications, it was suggested that modern dogs were domesticated from a single wolf population 20,000 years ago.

The wolf population lived continuously in Europe for thousands of years but went extinct, leaving a cold trail and many questions. With the discovery of Dogor, there is a chance that part of the story will become clearer. We may actually find out when dogs became man’s best friend.

I’m not too sure I can trace my family tree back to my greater, great-grandpa, but I don’t really have to, I have another family besides the Canis familiaris, and that is Homo sapiens, mom and dad for short. I guess you could call them my Dogors.


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