Rick Van Elfen: What if Trump was compromised?

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What if... those of us on the “left” are absolutely “right” about this malicious miscreant? What if... this president is completely controlled, corrupted and compromised by a foreign power or powers?

I would hope some “dummy” from the intelligence community can check the phone records into the White House on Tuesday night, Jan. 29. I’ll bet rubles to borscht Bad Vlad made a phone call to his personal puppet and directed him to immediately disparage the Senate Intelligence reports the very next morning. In less than 24 hours, Pinocchio did just that. In his rudimentary 12 year-old vocabulary, via childlike tweets of insensitive and damaging assertions, told the world our entire intelligence community, all the department heads, the thousands of dedicated Americans who pledge their life to protecting the security of this nation... are all wrong. They should all go back to school. This from a simpleton who cannot spell the word “their.” Is this for real? Is this another gut feeling? The same gut that’s filled with leftover hamburgers the Clemson University NCAA Champions failed to devour on silver platters.

Why was felon Flynn feted at a dinner in Moscow a few years ago sitting at the same table with Putin? Why was felon Manafort, who made his living dirty dealing with the Russians, ever put in charge of Trump’s campaign, and then have their platform changed to be pro-Russian? And someone please answer this for me. Why, after firing James Comey in a complete public display of obstruction of justice, was the Oval Office filled with only Russians the very next day? Diplomats, ambassadors, and only the Russian press/media were allowed. All the images of laughing, the shaking of hands, of Trump and our enemies in the White House, were provided by Russian RT media. He didn’t allow the American press to attend. Trump told his new Red friends the pressure was off, now that had he fired that “nut job Comey.” And then he proceeded to give out classified intelligence relating to Israel to our enemies. He has continued to act as if Putin owns him lock, stock and barrel. Secret meetings where he gathers up his own interpreter’s notes. And recently, we found out he met with Putin with just his wife and Putin’s interpreter. No American interpreter present. This is just blatant disregard for the citizens of this country to know what he is up to. I assure everyone out there, it’s not good. The Liar-in-Chief has been totally compromised.

Why is it always Russia, and why is everyone lying about it? If you shake a tree in Washington, D.C., a Russian agent or a Trump felon falls out. And yet, Trump has never taken on Putin once. He shriveled like old cheese in Helsinki. He said not a word when the Russians used a nerve gas to kill a double agent in the United Kingdom. Nothing about the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post reporter Khashoggi ordered by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

His complete failings to read his daily press briefings on national security has left this nation in extreme peril. He’s completely unfit to be where he is. Impeachment articles should be written up and proceeded with immediately. Let’s put this as blunt as possible. This clown masquerading as our president has sided with our adversaries over his own people and country.

As he plays the 3-card Monte shell game, and has all the attention of his base focused on his stupid wall,shutting down government and harming millions of Americans, reality is China and Russia respectively, have the capability to penetrate our infrastructure of natural gas pipelines and electrical grids and shut them down for a period of time. It was right there in Tuesday’s reports. North Korea hasn’t given Trump a damn thing but lies to match his own. Matching wits with world leaders is just not a fair fight for the Donald.

Trump refuses to take the facts, and the truth of quality Americans doing their jobs as patriotic Americans. Since when does a president call the reports of the FBI, The CIA, and every agency designed to help us “Fake News?” This is pure idiocy.

I wrote an opinion a couple of years ago. I said someone should order a lobotomy and a straight jacket. I stand by that more than ever. And I want to remind or educate every Trump supporter out there: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1953, in the U.S., for sharing secrets with the Russians. Just a fact and a warning. Because sometimes history repeats itself.


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