Sanford Deyo: Immigration and politics not a good mix

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Congress, using taxpayers’ money, has established and maintains 328 points of entry within the United Sates and 13 preclearance facilities in Canada and the Caribbean. These points of entry are to facilitate and regulate the lawful entry and exit of people and goods at our borders.

Individuals who enter our country by circumventing these points of entry are classified as illegal individuals along with those individuals who have over-stayed their visa, work permit etc., or have been brought into this country illegally. These latter individuals may have lower arrest rates than normal citizens but the fear of being arrested, identified as an illegal and subject to deportation might be a factor in this matter. Since they have come here illegally their path to citizenship is currently a subject for consideration by Congress.

Congress has annually funded a number of programs for these individuals in an amount which equates to a sum equal to that of more than $2,500 per taxpayer per year.

In order to diminish this border problem, the Trump administration has proposed the construction of a wall or physical barrier to assist our Customs and Border Patrol people in securing our border.

Democratic leaders Pelosi and Schumer are against the wall but have not offered an alternative plan to secure our borders or the cost; thus, we are faced with a continuation of the problem and increasing costs to the taxpayers. Pelosi has basically stated that regardless of what the president offers there will be no money for the wall. She has said this when in the past she has voted for money for border security.

There was a time when political parties in Congress having disagreements would then create a bipartisan committee to look into the problem, review possible solutions and cost, and then agree on a solution which they felt best suited the needs of the country. It was a time when most elected officials and government employees felt their primary duty was to serve the citizens of this country.

I fear many of our elected officials have become less interested in honesty and integrity and more interested in party policies and self gratification than in serving the citizens of this country.

Sanford Deyo is a Minden resident.


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