A tale of missing ears and tails

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Watson here and I could hardly believe my ears when I heard about the way some dogs are altered for the Westminster Dog Show. In the last 100 years or so, cropping (ear cutting) and docking (tail bobbing) have been performed for cosmetic purposes. Ouch! I have soft floppy ears and a big beautiful otter tail that I love to wag.

My question is why in the world would someone do that to their BFF (Best Furry Friend)? Winning at the Westminster Dog Show is a profitable deal because the owner of the best in show dog makes big money in breeding fees. There is also a lot of prestige for a breeder when his dog wins best of breed or best in show.

Originally, working dogs were cropped to avoid health issues like ear infections or hematomas. If a dog might need to fight either while hunting, defending livestock, or dog fighting, their ears were cropped to protect them from being torn off. Tails were docked for the same reason.

Docking and cropping is breed specific. Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers, Schnauzers and Boxers are among those breeds commonly being altered now.

Most dog shows in Europe and Australia ban docking and cropping. The United States is one of the countries where it is still a common procedure. In nations and states where it remains legal, it is practiced because it’s required as part of a breed standard for exhibition at dog shows.

In 143 years of the Westminster Dog Show, Labrador Retrievers have never won best in show. In the nine years I have lived in my home, I’ve been a winner and star every single day even with my floppy ears, big fat tail and beautiful brown eyes. Who needs Westminster? I’m already best in home.

- XOXO Watson


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