Vote for Levitt grant to keep Carson City grooving (opinion)

Please vote for the Levitt AMP (Your City) Grant Award. It only takes a few minutes. You have to register (if you haven’t voted previously) and vote to help Carson City earn a $25,000 grant from the Levitt Foundation. Please do this before 5 p.m. Wednesday, that is when the voting closes. Vote here:

Let’s help each other, and help make this community awesome by bringing back live music on Saturdays during the summer.

If you’ve been to one of these shows on a Saturday, which are hosted by the Brewery Arts Center, you’ll understand how much fun they are and how important they are to Carson City. It is the type of atmosphere that everyone is invited and welcome. It is fun for the whole family. It’s great for local business and tourism.

These concerts have brought Grammy-winning talent to Carson City, and other up-and-coming artists. It’s the kind of place to see talented musicians as they climb the ladder to the top. The Brewery Arts Center consistently chooses great bands and artists that put on energetic shows that get the audience involved. It’s also an outlet for local talent to showcase their skills. The opening acts are often musicians from local area. It’s just a win-win all around.

So we’re asking everyone to help vote, and bring back all this excitement to Saturday nights.

Employers: Encourage your employees to vote. Your employees most likely have email addresses in 2019. If you allow each of your employees five minutes of their time to register and vote, you’re helping make Carson City a better place.

Businesses – don’t be shy to ask your customers if they have voted. Perhaps displaying near your cash register, asking to vote, could help a little bit.

If you know an older person who might not be good with technology, please give them a visit and help them get signed up to vote.

If you’re a parent, ask your children to vote (if they’re old enough to have an email). There are plenty of kids and teenagers and the concerts and it benefits them as a place of inspiration and fun.

These shows bring people to the Carson City who want to see the live music. They keep people in the area because it’s way easier doing something local rather than driving 45 minutes away. M Carson City residents will say they enjoy having entertainment just a short walk or drive away from their homes. There definitely is an impact for small businesses and tourism.

It’s a great place to spend Saturday nights in the summer, and they keep getting better year after year, so please help bring them back for 2020.


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