Lompa Ranch development could impact Carson High School’s junior varsity baseball field

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Discussions continue with the Carson City School District regarding North Lompa Ranch developer Blackstone Development Group Inc.'s proposal to provide access from the northern part of its land to U.S. 50.

If the road were to be developed as requested, the proposal would impact Carson High School’s junior varsity baseball field and the school district would lose a 10-acre portion of property that had been designated as a school site, Superintendent Richard Stokes told the Board of Trustees on Oct. 8.

Lompa Ranch includes 137 single-family homes, apartment buildings and a dog park planned on 41.6 acres. Ensuring appropriate road access now from the traffic signal at the northern part of the development through to the west of Gold Dust West has not yet occurred. Stokes displayed a map of the planned road, where just south of its curving path is the location of Carson High’s playing field.

Stokes said Blackstone has contacted the district about considering giving up a portion of its land and that 10-acre plot and has made it known they cannot move forward without this approval. The project is being completed in multiple phases in which the southern portion of Lompa Ranch could be initiated but the northern portion would be impeded without approval of this access, Stokes said.

“He’s got to have a way to be able to get traffic in and out of that northern part of the development,” Stokes said. “There’s a variety of things that have to happen. Obviously, a design has to be approved through the city. There has to be some sort of finalized conditions that happen between the developer and the school district if this were to happen.”

Sale of the building housing the Tractor Supply Co. and a secondhand store also are part of the discussion for the northern phase.

Trustees asked whether Blackstone would be willing to compensate the district or assist with building a new baseball field elsewhere. They also noted the city will have further input on the matter.

“I’m having a hard time imagining how the city would approve his development of that without a road whether it came through us or through another area,” Trustee Laurel Crossman said.

Discussions are ongoing, Stokes said.


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