Longtime Carson City band showing off new look for Flatbed concert Saturday

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Stones Throw gets its first chance to show off some live music Saturday as part of the Brewery Art Center’s Flatbed Series. The band from Carson City formed from a project that played around Carson City for several years: Hick’ry Switch. Stones Throw is a 5-piece and includes electric instruments, different than the acoustic bluegrass band.

“It sounds really fun to get on the back of a flatbed and go to the neighborhoods and bring it down to the people,” Kate Johnson said.

Johnson, who plays rhythm guitar, said Stones Throw was just getting started this year and the few gigs they had booked got canceled due to the coronavirus. She said she is very excited to play music for people because it has been a while.


Johnson describes Stones Throw’s music as folk/country rock.

“We want it to be pretty danceable,” she said. “We hope it’s a dance band to some degree.”

Just starting out, the band will be playing many covers of other songs. Mark will have some songs from Hick’ry Switch they can play with the new band and Johnson said they will be making more music in the future.

“I think he’ll be writing more again,” she said. “He’s pretty prolific that way.”


Johnson’s husband, Mark plays lead guitar. The two moved to Carson City from Montana 27 years ago. Jeff Moser plays bass guitar. He was born and raised in Carson City and Johnson said he’s been in many bands around town since he was in high school. Randy Gaa plays drums. Johnson said he’s been a drummer his whole life but never played in a band, so he’s well known around town. He also helps with Muscle Powered. Mike Suglia will play lap steel guitar. He played banjo in the former band, Hick’ry Switch.

Stones Throw’s band members are well known around Carson City, playing here for at least 10-11 years as Hick’ry Switch. They’ve opened for the Levitt AMP Concert series and have done a few shows in the Black Box Theatre for the Brewery Arts Center. Every year they would be at the Farmer’s Market and booked several gigs at other restaurants around town and many private parties.


Johnson said the band’s goals for the future is to play on a semi-regular basis. Four of the members have regular jobs and Suglia is retired. So while they won’t be going on tour, they hope they stay busy entertaining the area.

“At least monthly, we’d like to be able to get out in the Carson/Reno/Tahoe area,” she said. “That would be great.”


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