Democrat disarray

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The last two weeks have removed any doubt about who the Democrat Party now is. Several noteworthy things occurred so I will try to comment on them all. I may jump around a bit.

The Iowa caucus was supposed to be the defining start to the Democrat presidential campaign. In typical arrogant liberal fashion, they managed to totally screw up the caucus results. As some background, the same people who assisted the Clinton campaign developed the app for compiling caucus results. The Iowa Democrat party leaders decided to reject Homeland Security’s offer to test the app prior to using it. Apparently no one else tested it either. As a side note, Nevada Democrats have apparently at least abandoned the app.

The Republican Iowa caucus results were done via written ballots and results counted, submitted, and verified. On the other hand, the Iowa Democrat caucus results are still not 100 percent confirmed. There were a reported 170,000 people who attended caucuses at about 1,700 locations. That is an average of 100 people per location. Yet they could not seem to arrive at an accurate count of voter preference. What happened, did the precincts run out of fingers and toes? They couldn’t find an average of five people per precinct to physically count the results?

These are the same people who believe government can solve all our problems. Universal health care is one common candidate theme. After the disastrous rollout of Obamacare, the presidential candidates are doubling down on the fallacy that they best know our health care needs. They regularly indulge in the economic benefits of a free society, such as private jets and elaborate meals funded by our tax dollars, while denigrating it. Even scarier, they believe they are the only ones who can solve their self-proclaimed impending climate destruction. Yet they can’t accurately count the preferences of 170,000 people.

Then there was the impeachment vote. There were no surprises there except that I really expected one or two of the remaining handful of reasonable Democrats to vote against impeachment. I was disappointed in Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) who is pretty much a moderate. He voted to convict but is now saying he may endorse Trump for the 2020 election. The real casualty of the impeachment proceedings was Joe Biden. Thank you, Pelosi.

On to the State of the Union speech. Depending on which side you are on, the speech has been touted as a total failure or the defining moment that Trump became Reaganesque. I am in the second camp. Democrats are losing ground and they know it. Pelosi knows it too. Otherwise why would she rip up her copy of the speech in frustration? You can bet that moment will be front and center from now until Election Day. Thank you again, Nancy.

The leader in the Democrat presidential race at this point is Bernie Sanders. That scares the Democrat Party to death. Why? Because Bernie takes the cloak off of what Democrats really believe. He makes no apology for believing in socialism. In fact, based on his words, he is really a communist.

Bernie is open about his belief but the other candidates are not. They are just as socialist verging on communist as he is. In fact, the Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez recently said that there is no ideological divide among the candidates. That speaks volumes. More telling, the Nevada Culinary Union is not endorsing any Democrat candidate.

Elected Democrats are nearly every day sinking to new lows. Pelosi’s unprecedented act of ripping up the State of the Union speech is an example. So is the rigged House “investigation” of Trump’s impeachment, where the initial testimony was kept private and only those selectively favoring Democrat positions were made public. They are now trying to launch new investigations. Add in Comey, McCabe, Clapper, and their co-conspirators and you have a real corruption scandal.

This all elates me. The American public is not stupid. They see through all of this. So thank you Democrats. GOP landslide, anyone?


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