Past Pages for February 29 to March 3, 2020

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150 years ago

A lunar rainbow was visible at Nevada City, California, on the night of 22nd instant. So the Transcript says.

130 years ago

It is expected the V.&T. Will be open today, and the passenger will arrive on time with the delayed mail and eight car loads of freight.

100 years ago

Miss Maude Clifford, teacher at Beulah, in the desert wastes of upper Washoe county, yesterday noon set fire to the school house, which burned to the ground and also destroyed the house in which she had been living. It is thought the young lady had become mentally imbalanced. A full investigation will be made.

80 years ago

U.S. Sen. P.A. McCarran today advised the Appeal by telegraph of his success in securing a WPA allotment of $7,840 for use in assisting to organize, operate and expand library service for public libraries and public schools throughout the state.

60 years ago

A 21-year-old Reno youth went to Carson City high school Friday afternoon looking for trouble, and found more than he could handle. The man ended up with a busted collar bone, a badly cut wrist, and overnight stay in jail, and a charge of assault and battery. The man came into study hall and refused to leave after facing off with the school principal, students and then later at the hospital with police officers.

40 years ago

Carson City has 11,398 voters registered for the March 2 special gas tax election.


150 Years Ago

Advertisement: “For sale—1,000 three-year old Cottonwood Trees, at 50 cents each, better rooted and larger trees that have been sold heretofore for $1… Robert B. Sharp.”

Presbyterian Church: The Rev. Hurd will be preaching at the Presbyterian Church. There is a lecture at 7 ½ [sic] pm. Subject: “Hindoo Festivals,” Juggernaut, Hook Swinging, etc.

140 Years Ago

Curious birthdays: The wife of C. P. Mason presented her husband with a girl on Sunday, February 29th. This being a leap year the child will never again have a birthday on Sunday for 116 years.

Farmer Treadway was also born on the 29th of February. He was 64 years old, but notwithstanding he was born on the 29th of February, he insists he was born on the 28th, so as to be able to accept an invitation to dinner each year on his birthday. The sly old farmer gets two invitations this time, one Saturday and one on Sunday, and accepted both.

130 Years Ago

Wedding bells at the Winters Mansion, Washoe City: Nellie M. Winters was married to John M. Gregory of San Francisco. A special train was provided by Mr. Theodore Winters, and a ride of forty minutes brought the train to the gate which the energy of Mr. Winters has reclaimed from the wilderness of Washoe Valley. A ride of a mile in a sleigh completed the journey.

100 Years Ago

Court House building in Carson City started: The Jos. Smyth corner is being ripped out, the old Magnolia is wrecked and dismantling is going on upstairs, saving all the stone and timber necessary for the new building. Sellman, the contractor, will devote all of his time to erection of the court house building.

50 Years Ago

Advertisement, Carson Theatre: “William Falkner’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel, ‘The Reivers,’ is now a film! Steve McQueen plays Boon in ‘The Reivers,’ a coming-of-age story laced with adventure and comedy. Also starring Sharon Farrell and Will Geer…”

20 Years Ago

Leap Day matrimony: The couples married on Leap Day will have four years before they celebrate their first anniversary. “If you’re going to take the leap, what better time than Leap Day of Leap Year,” said Thalia Webb prior to her evening wedding.


150 Years Ago

State Capitol: The Board of State Capitol Commissioners have been considering plans for a Capitol building. They will meet again and plan to take final action on receiving bids.

140 Years Ago

The Washoe Seeress: Mrs. Bowers predicted a big stock boom and flush times to succeed the present depression. All who read her prophesy secretly hope that the good old lady is correct. When the Washoe Seeress of Storey sees good times ahead, we have a secret sneaking confidence in her ability to light dark caverns of futurity to the innermost recesses.

130 Years Ago

All sorts: Yank’s Hotel burned to the ground. The loss is estimated at $2000.

Eight Chinese were stopped in their effort to smuggle themselves into America over the Victoria line.

100 Years Ago

Death claims well known Nevada woman: Miss Emma Vandelieth, a Leisure Hour Club member, was born in California and came with her parents to Carson City where they lived for over twenty-five years. She was identified with her club work, was an active worker for woman’s suffrage and the head of the Nevada Federation of Women’s Clubs since 1912.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: Receives certificate—Stewart Fire Chief C. E. Tyndall III received a certificate for special achievement from Art Saxon, plant manager and safety officer at the Indian agency, as Carson City Fire Chief Les Groth looks on. The award from the U.S. Department of Interior, cites Tyndall for his training accomplishments on his own time from the Carson City Fire Department. The Stewart Fire Department now has a full-time crew of 16 men and three pieces of equipment.

20 Years Ago

Millennium scholarship: Half of Carson High School’s Senior class will qualify for Millennium Scholarships, worth up to $10,000, if they maintain their current grades. Out of 448 Carson High seniors, 240 would qualify for the scholarships. Students must maintain a minimum of a B average, pass proficiency exams, have been a Nevada resident for at least two years and attend a university or community college in Nevada.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006. Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan.


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