Trina Machacek: Discarded re-finds

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Two things, no wait. Three things happened in recent weeks that are connected in the strangest way. Oh, now who would think that I would think things are strange. Well just wait until you read about them then decide for yourself.

A grand friend. Well actually all my friends are grand. So a grand friend of mine has her fingers in so many pies I should call her Marie. One finger is her ownership of a strip mall in Southern California of which she meticulously tends to so the shop’s customers will happily visit often. Now I don’t mean she hires stuff done. No she gets out there and cleans the “green belt,” sidewalks and makes sure all things inside and out are in order and working. She is pretty amazing.

The other day she sent me a picture of the treasures she found while cleaning up around the shops. Among the real trash, she picked out some of the more interesting things and sent me a picture of the treasures. One of which was a mannequin head, a woman, with bright eyes pale pink lips and no hair. Not painted on hair and not a slick dome. Where the hair would be is cut out. Strange. Lying next to the head in the wheelbarrow was what looked like a movie. A VERY off color movie. There was a vivid RED sweater and a copy of another movie, Gone with the Wind. I’m sure I could make up a whole story here but I’ll just drop it in your lap for you to dance to.

Next a friend told of going to an old family house and shed to clean them out making the property ready to sell. Among his finds he reported he found a box of his old marbles. What a supreme find. I imagine that after many years the excitement of finding part of his childhood was a treasure to behold. Just think of Indiana Jones finding the treasure chest, opening it and seeing all the sparkling yellow, orange and blue cat’s eyes and big ole shooters. Oh I hope he found his very bestest shooter. WOW.

I was happy for him and wanted to tell him to pick one, just one and put it in his pocket — you know just in case he lost all his other marbles along life’s path. But! Yes a Marble shooting “but.” But I just pulled my one baby blue marble out of my pocket and reminded myself to keep my marble within my own circle. HAHA

Now this one is of course about me. I was cleaning out my wallet. I hate my wallet and my purse. Which is neither here nor there, I’m just saying. I don’t regularly or happily haul my purse around anymore. I did this cleaning out because my purse had to be recently carried and when I got home it was heavier than usual — and it wasn’t because of too much money dang it!

I got new medical ID cards and was throwing away the old ones and I just kept digging in there to see what else was in need of hitting the trail thus lightening my load. I came across a note I got from a great friend in high school. He was a guy who really did become and in some ways still is a great friend. That’s what the note says, we will always be friends. How cool is that?

No matter where you are, no matter what pops up at you from along your path it’s bound to be interesting and worthwhile. Making you howl with laughter, take you somewhere that let’s you be a kid or remember an old friend, there will always be something just around the next corner.

However. I used however here because there is already a “but” floating around above. HAHA No sneaking a peek around the corners ahead of you on your path. Let the surprises just happen. I will because in my wallet I also found an old fortune cookie fortune that says, “A bold and dashing adventure is soon in your future!” That’s me. That’s why I just plow ahead and take the corners of my road on two wheels. Squealing with delight at the fact that I’m still here and able to turn to the left — always to the left. Racers will know what that means because it is not a political reference as I am not the lease bit political. Politics is too bogged down in traffic. Happy driving your life car.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Find her on Facebook, Instagram or at


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