Carson City Symphony announces Project Euterpe

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The Carson City Symphony and its associated ensembles have been entertaining people in the Carson City area for 36 seasons. Because they can't currently perform live, in person, they are producing a series of once- or twice-weekly video episodes to showcase the talents of their local artists, ensembles, and guest artists. These episodes, called Project Euterpe (“you-TER-pee”), will include excerpts from past concerts, some solo and small ensemble performances, previews of things to come, and perhaps some of the master classes taught by our guest soloists.

Project Euterpe is named for the muse of music in Greek mythology. She and her eight sisters, the other muses, lived on Mt. Olympus and entertained their father Zeus and the other Olympian gods with their artistry.

“Euterpe was known by ancient poets as the ‘Giver of delight,’ and ancient Greek musicians would call on her aid in composing their lyric poetry and music. So, we are calling on her aid to help us communicate with our audience,” Symphony Conductor David Bugli said.

Carson City Symphony ensembles hope to return to regular performances in the fall of 2020. Meanwhile, they invite the public to enjoy Project Euterpe videos. Episode One, featuring guest saxophonist Rhett Bender, can be seen on Youtube at

Links to all episodes will be available on the Symphony website and posted on the Facebook page

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