Real estate: Nevada’s winter market

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The snow came early this year so what happens now? Nothing different. Nevada is a year round market and will continue to thrive through the snow just as we did through the heat of summer. If you are a serious Buyer a little snow or lower temperatures won’t stop you, and it won’t stop your competition. It might cause some of the less serious to drop out until things thaw or warm up, but if a new listing appears you better act if it something that would work for you.

Sellers sometimes feel like they are trapped for the winter when the snow flies, but they truly aren’t. The upcoming major holidays bring a lot of visitors to town many of which are curious about living here. They find time on their vacation to look at homes. They can’t see yours if it isn’t on the market.

Winter conditions sometimes require special considerations. Bundle up so you stay warm while you are looking, especially if there are outside grounds that require you to be outside for an extended period. If you are comfortable you can have a good viewing. If you forgot your gloves your cold fingers will take over the showing. Be careful walking in icy conditions if the Seller didn’t shovel or if the property is vacant and there is nobody around to clear the walkways.

Adjust your thinking for the conditions. If the beautiful mountain view is socked in be sure to appreciate that it is normally there. It’s like looking at a living room of a hoarder, you need some imagination to visualize what you can’t see. Sellers may provide photos on the counter of things you can’t see, i.e.- views, an abundance of flowers in the garden, productive fruit trees, etc.

Your transaction may be impacted by weather so give a little fudge factor in your timing to adjust for a couple of days here or there being lost for your appraiser, physical inspector, etc. We don’t usually string too many bad weather days together in the Valleys, but a day here and a day there can add up if we get a series of storms. Be ready to adjust and improvise.

Our Advice: The California exodus will continue until there is a change in mindset over there. It seems, however, that many of those with a mindset to change the collective mindset are giving up and moving to Northern Nevada where they are finding like minded people. Those looking to live here will adapt to our weather patterns and should find themselves looking at property in inclement weather. If you like it at its worst, you’ll love it at its best. The next few months are a good time to buy and sell. The closer you get to Spring to closer you will get to competition in the market form the fair weather transactors, and the hope of Spring Listers that they will get a higher price.

Brave the elements, enjoy the process, and keep your life moving forward for the enjoyment of you and yours. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your Real Estate needs… Experience is Priceless!  Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, 775-781-3704.


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