Jim Valentine: Seasonal transitions

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The holiday season begins in Nevada with Admissions Day, known to the rest of the world as Halloween. We celebrate Nevada entering the union of the United States of America and then it is off the be thankful, then we have a big birthday bash and end the season by embracing the new year, all in the next two months.

Through it all our real estate market keeps churning. If you are thinking of selling your home this is actually a good time to do it as your home will be festive and decorated with the assorted holidays. Winter holidays are more focused on the home than summer when there are more barbecuing and camping activities. Many people that want to move here will visit from out of town because they have the time off work and school.

When you make offers during the holiday season be sure to adjust the timing components of your offer for people being out of their office or in a holiday state of mind. Couple that with COVID-impacted timing and you will find it an art form to make accurately predict the timing of your escrow. Cash transactions can proceed quickly, but if the seller is buying another property and getting a loan you might need to adjust the occupancy timing if you close quickly.

This is a time where investors are checking with their accountants and making real estate moves for tax purposes. If you are thinking of selling an investment property, or a home that an investor would be interested in, you might make a firm plan and get it on the market. One benefit to selling your home to investors is that they are usually pleased to have you remain in the property for a period of time as a tenant. That gives you more time to find your new home, or pack and move after the close of escrow. Either way, it can be a benefit to you and your family.

Be sure to prepare your home for winter, especially the outside. Unhood your hoses from the faucets, clean your drainage ways so if we ever get any moisture again they will flow properly. This time of year leaves can pile up and plug them up so stay on it until the leaves have all dropped. Leaves will also plug up your rain gutters (if you have them, many homes don’t have them other that at the front door since we live in the desert) which can cause water to overflow where you don’t want it, i.e.- on a walk way. This is especially important on the North side of your home where there is less sunlight to melt the ice when we get some winter weather.

With winter approaching it is time to make sure you have good tread on your tires, clean battery cable connections, and a good battery. Many people find out their car battery is dying when we get our first cold snap. Cold saps the energy of batteries and car batteries are no different. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere in the cold with a car that won’t start. This is also when you put a blanket or sleeping bag in the car just in case of a mishap and your car can’t produce heat. Be ready, you live in the mountains and high elevation in Northern Nevada.

The upcoming holidays will put a festive atmosphere in our midst in this most unusual of years ending with what will undoubtedly be a rousing sendoff to 2020. We’ve always heard that hindsight is perfect 2020. Now we’ll prove it in many areas of our lives, but real estate is one area that 2020 will be fondly remembered.

The market continues to be dynamic and a blessing to both buyers and sellers. Sellers for the higher prices they are getting and buyers for the homes that are being sold by sellers looking to get those higher prices. If the values hadn’t increased many wouldn’t be selling and you wouldn’t be able to buy in this tight market. There are benefits here for all.

Enjoy this fall season and the many changes it brings us. It’s time to put away the lawn mower and weedeater and break out the skis and snowshoes. Northern Nevada – four good seasons – a wonderful place to live!

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