Fate of Frontier Motel up to Carson City supervisors

Carson City, Nevada city hall

Carson City, Nevada city hall

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says it will be up to the Board of Supervisors on Thursday to decide what to do about the Frontier Motel on North Carson Street.
He said the board already had the Frontier on its agenda before the nuisance abatement task force went to inspect the motel Monday.
He said the inspection was not directly connected to the agenda item.
“They’re two separate things,” he said.
Furlong said he had requested the task force and code enforcement inspect the Frontier a couple of weeks ago but the inspection Monday was an eye opener.
“We had no idea it was going to be so bad,” he said.
The result Monday was that a number of rooms were shut down and condemned and, Furlong said, they had to “scramble” to get the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organizations to help find places to put residents.
Furlong said the Frontier has been a problem for a long time, drawing vagrants and criminals to the area and increasing the demands on his deputies to patrol the property and deal with problems.
Carson City Health and Human Services has reported the motel units are infested with bed bugs, mice and cockroaches.
He said he isn’t planning any major action Wednesday because the decisions will all be up to the supervisors on Thursday.
In the meantime, he said some other residents of the Frontier have been moving out, finding somewhere else to live.
”The tenants are the real victims here,” Furlong said. “They’ve been paying money and no one is taking care of them.”
The board has an agenda item to possibly revoke or suspend the Frontier’s license on Thursday’s agenda. 


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