Tom Riggins: Buyer’s remorse

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We have all done it. We see that widget that looks so shiny and enticing that a slick marketing package makes us think we must have it. During the Christmas season it creates shortages and price hikes that make people lie, cheat, and steal to get one. It is reminiscent of Democrats and the 2020 election.

Now the Democrats have their nice shiny object in Biden and Harris. But based on recent events, the shiny veneer is rapidly peeling away. The slick marketing package isn’t working anymore. Even the staunch allies and media puppets are starting to turn on their anointed ones. And it is no one’s fault but the Democrats’ themselves. There are a lot of ideas on why coming from all sides. I think they just outran their unpopular agenda and it got them. In the last eight months Biden and crew set out to continue Obama’s transformation of America. The problem is they had to take so many actions to get Trump out of office that their formerly hidden agenda had to be exposed and made public.

Eight short months to not only undermine America at home but to now lose respect worldwide. First was Biden’s COVID response. When campaigning from his basement, he stated he would not take a vaccine developed under the Trump administration. Now every other word out of him is vaccinate. Why the turnaround? Maybe a bigger question, how much is he getting paid for that position? After all, the entire push of the national medical "experts” is vaccination as a cure for COVID. Never mind that they are finding only a short term immune response from the vaccines, along with numerous side effects they are either ignoring or are covering up. There is no push for alternative routes such as early treatments. We know they are available from foreign studies but any U.S. doctor who attempts them are often shunned an ostracized. Why the single focus approach? Common sense says looking at all options in a new situation is only prudent. Apparently not for Biden.

Biden has also managed to unwind our economy. Yes, the economy is on the increase and unemployment is low, but the hidden tax of inflation is here. Inflation is caused by too many dollars chasing too few goods. Shortages caused by COVID shutdowns are exacerbated by increased demand and labor shortages. The labor shortages are caused by what? Continued now unnecessary federal supplements to state unemployment benefits. Why work when you can get a check from the government to stay home?

Adding fuel to the inflation fire is the runaway spending coming out of Washington. Added to the seemingly perpetual federal addition to unemployment, we are being treated to a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package along with a proposed human infrastructure package, whatever that is, and a record-breaking budget. The Federal Reserve believes that inflation is transitory but as long as government spending is uncontrolled there is no “transitory” about it.

And don’t forget Biden’s open border policy. Oddly, not both borders, but the southern one. It has gotten so bad that a federal judge determined that one of Trump’s orders be reinstated. I still maintain that when illegals are caught they should be bussed to Washington, D.C. and turned loose there.

The final straw is the Afghanistan debacle. Never has there been such a poorly executed exit from a country. The swift Taliban takeover should have been at least a contingency plan and supposedly Biden was warned of such an event. Worse yet is that he has hung every American citizen in the country out to dry. He is more concerned with Afghan allies and refugees than his own citizens. This will go down as one of the greatest debacles of all time. Secretary of State Blinken should resign before he is shamed out of office.

There is no doubt the Democrat Marxist agenda is under attack. Combined with Biden’s incompetence and Harris’ inability to accomplish anything, there is a national uprising against the leftist takeover of our institutions. Critical Race Theory is coming under fire. Political wokeness is meeting resistance. And the rank and file American is tired of being fed lies and half-truths from politicians and media. All brought to you compliments of Biden and company.

So, Democrats and Independents, are you regretting buying the nice shiny object yet? Has buyer’s remorse set in? Are all of those campaign promises falling apart? The 2022 election will tell us a lot.


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