Tom Riggins: Double standards

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Double standards are found constantly in politics and government. While I am sure they can be found on both sides of the aisle, Democrats are definitely winning the double standard race. They seem to have the art mastered.

The most recent example is the Senate Democrats saying that the filibuster rule should be eliminated. This is because Republicans have been able to stall much of their liberal agenda. Oddly, when Democrats did not control the White House they used the filibuster in a partisan manner on many bills to force compromise for their agenda.

Another double standard lies in federal law enforcement. They have zealously pursued the Jan. 6 Capitol protesters, while giving looters and destructive rioters in other cities a pass. The excuse is that the Capitol protesters destroyed federal property. But wait, wasn’t a federal courthouse in Seattle damaged? In Memphis, a murder suspect was released on a $15,000 bail while the Jan. 6 protesters are still held without bail indefinitely.

Then there is the saga of Hunter Biden and Rudy Giuliani. Hunter Biden has gotten a complete pass on any prosecution despite damning computer records and testimony from former partners. Giuliani is being investigated for lobbying violations of the same activities Democrats engage in regularly. Apparently his crime is being associated with Trump.

A Florida judge ruled that a landlord can’t deny rent service to someone who doesn’t pay but the state can’t punish big tech companies that collude to de-platform those who they disagree with.

Last September, the CDC decided that if it can control our breathing, it can control property rights as well and proceeded to bar landlords from evicting any family earning under $200,000 who didn't pay rent. So, despite handing out free money to everyone, including $600 to $1,000 in unemployment benefits per week in some states, the government still put the onus on private landowners to eat the cost and retroactively shred their private contracts. Apparently you have a right as a tenant to another’s property without compensation. In a totally unrelated matter, California using $5.2 billion of federal tax money (your money) to pay peoples’ rent.

In Indiana a judge placed an injunction on their new law requiring that doctors tell patients about a new abortion reversal drug. A state can spend tax dollars lying about the efficacy of masks or the safety of a new experimental vaccine, but can’t use tax dollars to disseminate information on a new drug.

The Biden administration is suing Georgia over its new voter law. Merrick Garland, former Supreme Court nominee and Biden’s Attorney General, is pursuing Georgia with a vengeance. He has also threatened Arizona with similar action. These actions appear to be intimidation tactics at best, as most legal scholars say the suit has no merit. Georgia’s new law is less onerous than laws in many blue states, but apparently Democrats want to be able to repeat their actions of 2020. As an aside, New York City’s mayoral race is projected to take weeks to have a winner declared in the Democrat primary due to convoluted voting laws.

The Trump administration was accused of politicizing the COVID pandemic. If that is true, then why is the left continually promoting the still experimental vaccines and we are now being bombarded with reports of new cases of the Delta variant of the virus?

The simple answer is, they need fear to continue to promote their agenda. What better source of fear than that which the left continually hyped as dangerous all of last year? Have you noticed that news reports continually report “new cases” of the Delta variant but never report “total deaths” from it? That is because the mortality rate is 0.08 percent, less than the original virus. But it is Trump supporters that are politicizing the virus, right? Nonetheless, the left would like nothing better than a continuation of 2020’s trampling of civil liberties. Fauci (I hesitate to put doctor in front of his name given his track record) is back to recommending masks again. And the Biden administration wants to go door to door to coerce people into getting vaccinations.

This is a good one. After months of cries from Democrat-run cities, those that sane citizens are fleeing from in droves, to “defund the police” the White House is now trying to accuse Republicans of calling to defund the police. Only the brazen would try to slip that one by. But then again, Democrats are growing more brazen by the day.


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