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“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” That quote is found in G. Michael Hopf’s post-apocalyptic novel “Those Who Remain.” Of course, the term “men” is used as a generic term to include both men and women. No sexism intended.

This is an accurate summation of cycles of prosperity and relapse that history has shown to occur regularly in all societies. In my layman’s view, we are near the end of this cycle. We have had unprecedented prosperity, aside from the 2008 recession, since the Reagan era. Today’s poor in the U.S. are richer than the citizenry in most other countries. Only here can the poor have a smart phone, a flat screen television, and an at-home computer. Modern inventions have made life at home and at work easier and less time-consuming.

Yet there is a downside to this prosperity, thus good times creating weak men. And women. In an earlier time one looked to self when things were bad, and family, neighbors, and church were looked to for help when things were really bad. Society has evolved to a point where many now look to government to solve their problems. Government has done a wonderful job of that, right? More on that later.

Societal demolition is in progress. In today’s society profanity is common. Nearly everyone has their nose buried in a smart phone screen. It is a sad commentary that in today’s world, if an attack or rape is occurring, the response is to record it for instant social media fame rather than assist the victim. That is the job of the police, right? Except where they have been defunded. Certainly the coddled, lazy, self-indulgent society of today can’t be expected to help, can they?

Self-reliance is becoming a scarce commodity. Many now hire someone to do basic home or car repairs instead of doing it themselves. Partially for convenience but mainly because they don’t know how. I saw a study where only 40 percent of college students could correctly tell the difference between a Phillips and slotted screwdriver. But 35 percent think socialism is a good idea.

And how has government done in solving our problems? In the last year we have seen unprecedented government money flow into the economy. It was supposed to stimulate the economy slowed down by the never before seen government-imposed COVID lockdowns. The result was unprecedented inflation. This was not really unexpected if you understand what inflation really is, too much money pursuing too few goods. Added to this are supply chain disruptions caused nearly completely by government regulations. Expect both to continue since Old Joe and group are on the job to solve the problems. It is as though this was brought about deliberately to undermine our society. Since the socialistic arm of the Democrat Party is firmly entrenched now, I suspect this is so.

The proposed Democrat solution is to spend more money. The House recently passed a $1.85 trillion infrastructure bill. This is in addition to the $1.2 trillion spending already approved and signed. They have the gall to claim that sending more money into the economy will “fix” inflation. It will, but not like they plan. It will only cause more inflation. So with a government apparently intent on destroying our economy, or at least incapable of fixing the problems, why are we looking to them to solve everything?

I fear that some economic upheaval is on the horizon. I don’t know if it will be a depression, hyperinflation, or stagflation, but it is coming. Government does not have the will to and is incapable of solving the problems it created.

I grew up with survivors of the Great Depression. While some of the habits they have, like washing disposable plastic cups for reuse or saving tin foil, seem outlandish. But it is that mindset that saw them through the tough times. Recycling was a necessity, not a climate virtue.

We will all suffer, but those coddled “weak men” will suffer most. I hope there is enough inner strength in them to make it through. Can you imagine survivors of the Great Depression and World War II accepting our society today? Their attitude would be to suck it up and get on with life. The self-reliant, religious, and moral people will be relied upon in this coming economic trial. Trust me. And prepare yourself before it is too late.


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