Senator Square: Principal Chambers encourages Carson High School students

CHS AVID students working their way throughout the school helping teachers and students

CHS AVID students working their way throughout the school helping teachers and students

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Principal Bob Chambers is a wanted administrator. Wanted, what does this mean? Is he wanted by the police, nope. Is he wanted by the CIA or FBI, uh uh. Chambers is wanted…by the students. This Principal does not like to hang out in his office. In fact, he is often seen walking around CHS through the hallways, through the departments, around the football field, gyms, and even the restrooms … boys of course … because he loves engaging with students. As discussed at a recent CHS staff meeting, three online links were sent out school-wide for a social and emotional learning lesson with Principal Chambers in order for students to make “Senator Strong” connections. Through Padlet, a digital tool used by teachers and students in class and beyond to offer a single place for a notice board, Chambers asked students to “Think about all of the ways adults can be and have been helpful to you at school, and share the name of one adult you feel you can go to at CHS, write their name, and write something you go to them for; for instance, I go to Mrs. Grunert for help with college, or I can always talk to Mr. Manoukian about my stress.”

Along with encouraging students to consider the many instances where teachers went out of their way to help them academically and personally, Chambers then complemented the CHS Juniors and Seniors for the positive energy they bring to the school, how they appreciate this school year because it is a regular school year, and asked them to reflect on what high school was like during COVID and what high school is like now. Chambers then discussed with students the current “School Climate,” everything from looking to achieve better grades to students picking up after themselves after nutrition break and after lunch as CHS is their school, and they should be proud of this fact. He also noted how it helps out the custodians and shows respect for both the school and oneself as it creates a safe environment. Chambers discussed other concerns he has as well, some serious and some not so serious. This short piece of information could, probably should, be much longer and more detailed, but its intent is clear — Principal Bob Chambers is not only engaged in the administration and education of students, he cares about their feelings and will go out of his way to make sure, as best he can, CHS is a great place to go to high school.

CHS Principal Bob Chambers shares with CHS students during his Chat'n with Chambers



The holidays are here, and CHS students are amping up for winter break. Though Christmas is not here yet, the excitement is. Dec. 7 is Christmas Hat Day, and students are actually being asked to wear their favorite holiday hats to show Holiday Spirit. Dec. 8 is Christmas Socks Day for students to put some festive socks on to keep their toes warm this holiday season. Dec. 9 is Holiday PJs and Hot Cocoa Day, and students are to get ready to get cozy and warm in their holiday pj’s to enjoy hot cocoa at lunch served in the foyer. Finally, last but not least, Dec. 10 is Ugly Sweater Day, and students are being asked to pull one of those ugly old sweaters out of the closet to show the school the ugliest sweater of the year.


Advancement Via Individual Determination students are required to do community service as part of their grade. This year, CHS English Language Arts teacher Rachel Avidano’s AVID students wanted to complete their community service hours by helping teachers at CHS. Avidano said, “They can file paperwork, help organize, make copies, decorate bulletin boards etc., and they can even decorate your doors for the Christmas door decorating contest.” Avidano put 23 students to work and made sure they would be available Dec. 8 through Dec. 10. Being the hi-tech teacher she is, Avidano asked teachers to use a ‘link’ to sign up for assistance from her students. Avidano is also sending her students to teacher’s classrooms with a verification form for teachers to sign for accountability purposes. Thank you for your continued support of the AVID program.

CHS student Brandon Thompson with his fishy fishy Scholastic Art and Writing Competition Piece



The Carson City School District Orchestra Program is holding its Holiday Concert Dec. 7, 6:30 p.m., at the Carson City Community Center.



The following students from CHS Graphic Design and SkillsUSA adviser Patricia Ababio’s classes are competing in the The Scholastic Art and Writing competition: Yanizia Herarra, Nadia Hill, Emma Lobsien, Charlotte Albin, Aiden Grime, Noah Sa, Tierney Frost, Brandon Thompson, and Elena Brugger. The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent, and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The Awards give students opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. In 2021, students across America entered nearly 230,000 original works in 28 different categories of art and writing. The art awards exhibition is Feb. 5 through 25, 2022. Gold Key Art will be on view at Sheppard Contemporary gallery at the University of Nevada, Reno located in the Church Fine Arts building. American Visions Nominated Art will be on view at Nevada Museum of Art, and the Award Ceremony will take place Feb. 10, 2022 from 6-7 p.m.

CHS student Elena Burgger with her Just My Blood Type Scholastic Art and Writing Competition Piece



So many CHS students and staff have lost love ones in the last several years. Losing a loved one is always difficult, and, for many, the holidays cause their grief to be especially hard. CHS would like to support its students and staff, those who would like to participate, by offering an opportunity to make a memory ornament in honor of those they have lost. The ornament creators are hoping students, teachers, and parents will also help them to identify students who maybe would benefit from this opportunity. This is also posted in their class’ Google Classroom, so they may fill out a form and then will receive a pass. The purpose of the ornament is to honor their loss and to focus on happy memories. This will provide everyone with a physical reminder of the joy that person(s) brought to life. Ornament making will take about 20 minutes and will be done in small groups of five to six. Like to participate, please complete the attached google form. Parents who want to refer their student may email Dori ~ Contributed by CHS Counselor Bridget Gordon-Johnson.



CCSD Parents, The Carson City School District is accepting applications from parents to fill one parent vacancy on the district’s Family Life Advisory Committee. The primary purpose of the Family Life Program is to provide a well-defined course of instruction, which is endorsed by the Board of Trustees as the district’s sex education program. Appointment as a member of the committee shall be for an initial term of three years. The committee is comprised of five parent volunteers of children who attend schools in the district and five representatives, one from each of the following: medicine or nursing, counseling, religion, teaching, and students who attend schools in the district. Meetings are held monthly throughout the school year with potential special meetings. Individuals interested in applying for the position should submit a resume and a letter of interest no later than Dec. 8 by 4 p.m. to the Educational Services Department at 1402 West King Street or through email to For more information, please contact Paige Camara at 283-2009.


EnergySmart Education is hosting a Public Service Announcement contest open to all Nevada students in grades six through 12. Students are challenged to create a digital 8 ½ x 14 inch infographic which focuses on saving energy in Nevada. The contest encourages students to research energy usage statistics, and create graphics to share the information. To compete in the infographic contest, students will need a copy of the infographic template and a copy of the release form if under 18. To submit their release waiver, they will need to upload a pdf or jpeg copy within the Google form submission when turning in their final infographic for the contest. Please let them know their infographic will not be eligible for judging if they do not submit the release waiver. The students also have their own PowerPoint to reference when creating their infographic. There are great prizes for not just the winners but for the educators as well. All of these items are found by going to the following links: They also have a to help them meet all required points for the contest. Visit For more information, and to have questions answered, feel free to contact Desert Research Institute STEM Programs Manager Shawna Witt at


CHS Student of the Week is Kaz Matson, a sophomore



Congratulations to CHS Senior, Kaz Matson on being nominated Student of the Week. According to CHS Theatre, Musical Theatre and English Language Arts teacher Andie Wilkerson, “Kaz Matson, a sophomore, is extremely driven and hard working.” Wilkerson added, “Kaz takes pride in work, and though quiet, has lots of innovative ideas; Kaz is a talented writer, performer, comedian, and a kind human.” Employees within Carson City School District nominate the CHS Student of the Week, and it is often the teachers who do the nominating, though anyone in the district may do so by sending an email to Congratulations to Kaz Matson on being nominated CHS Student of the Week.

CHS Senior in the Spotlight is Cheyenne Duncan



Cheyenne Duncan is this week’s Senior in the Spotlight. Cheyenne is an outstanding and very goal oriented student who completes every task assigned. By the time she graduates with her Advanced Placement Capstone diploma, she will have completed 10 advanced placement classes. After graduation, Cheyenne plans to attend college to earn a degree in architecture; she would love to create new designs in construction as well as interior design. Her dream school would be University of Washington. Not only has she done great things in the classroom, she has also done great things outside of school. Cheyenne is an avid dancer, starting at the age of 11, and has loved it with an immense passion ever since. She has spent years training over 20 hours per week in preparation for her many competitions. She does seven group dances, two solos and one duet. Currently, she is also teaching three separate classes to children ages of five to 12. Her classes include a pre-ballet, a pre-technique and a flexibility class. Along with her 20 hours per week in training, Cheyenne is in the process of working on and learning 10 different performances. As if this was not difficult enough, she maintains a 4.5 weighted grade point average while taking five advanced placement classes. Congratulations to Cheyenne Duncan on being nominated Senior in the Spotlight. Her friends, teachers, counselor, and everyone who has seen her dance know she will be successful in her future. ~ Contributed by Monica Weaver.

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS.


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