Storm Update: Carson City says don't shovel snow into roadway

Carson City Public Works are observing individuals piling snow onto the right of way, according to a news release. Please be advised, it is hazardous to shovel or blow snow onto any public roadway once the road has been plowed.

All shoveled or blown snow should be piled onto private property areas. The best practice is to shovel the snow to the right side of your driveway as you face the road and clear a pocket of snow on the opposite side of your driveway.

Snow removal operations is to clear the public roadway and to reduce any waterflow obstructions to the storm drain systems, please do not impact snow removal operations on the right of way.

Carson City Public Works dayshift and nightshift crews will continue snowplow operations until the storm subsides. Crews are currently plowing secondary routes, please be patient, do not park on the snow removal routes and stay back at least 100 feet from the plow.

During office hours, for immediate assistance please call Carson City Public Works at (775) 887-2355, after hours call the non-emergency dispatch at (775) 887-2343 and for emergencies dial 9-1-1.


All schools in the Carson City School District will be closed again for the entire day Thursday, Jan. 28, for winter related conditions, according to a news release.

All employees, students and teachers should remain home. No student activities, school-work or programs will occur, including remote instruction. This includes school-course assignments, homework, afterschool programs and practices. No school services such as transportation, nutrition or student health will be provided.


Western Nevada College plans to keep its Carson City campus closed on Thursday, Jan. 28, according to a news release. This closure also includes the Child Development Center.

However, the college's Fallon and Douglas campuses will reopen on Thursday for classes and regular business.

Students scheduled to attend classes on the Carson City campus should check with their instructors to see if their classes will be held remotely. Student Services for the Carson City campus will be available remotely.



Carson City Public Works has been using all plow equipment at maximum capacity since the storm began, after midnight. At this time, crews are managing the primary routes and will move to the secondary routes after. Plowing operations will continue as necessary.

Please drive slowly and leave extra time for travel. If traveling please stay back at least 100 feet and avoid passing the plow. Be aware of the plow wing as it discharges heavy amounts of snow.

Additionally, keep in mind that visibility is narrow for our plow drivers. If you are plowing private properties, please avoid piling snow into the right of way.

Please use extreme caution when approaching intersections with traffic lights as blowing snow has covered the Carson City area traffic signals, which has affected the visibility of the signals. Motorists are encouraged to slow down and watch for other vehicles. Limit your travel whenever possible.

To view the plow routes, CLICK HERE

Red is Priority ONE

Green is Priority TWO

Blue is NDOT Route (not maintained by Public Works).

For non-emergency calls dial (775) 887-2343 and for emergencies dial 9-1-1.


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