December gaming win down 35.35 percent from a year ago

 Nevada casinos reported just $683.7 million in win for December.
That is 35.35 percent less than the just over $1 billion in win they reported in December 2019 and the reporting area taking the biggest hit remains the Las Vegas Strip which was down 50 percent to $292 million.
But the Strip wasn’t the only reporting area that suffered in December. According to the monthly statistics released by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the only area showing an increase was the Balance of County casinos in Washoe County where win was up 20.2 percent to $6.9 million.
All of the other 14 major reporting areas were down compared to a year ago.
The Carson Valley Area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as the capital, was only down a hair more than 1 percent to $9.22 million in win.
Slot play that makes up the majority of Carson win was down 1.6 percent to $8.85 million. But sports book win helped out, increasing 183 percent to $150,000.
South Shore casinos reported a 14 percent decrease in total gaming win to $15.6 million in December. Both table games and slots were down double digits.
Washoe County win fell 11.8 percent to $63.4 million. Slot win was down just 8.57 percent to $52.9 million. But game and table win fell more than 25 percent to $10.5 million.
North Shore casinos at Crystal Bay reported a 32.6 percent decrease in total win to $1.45 million. Game and table win was down 48.6 percent to $277,000. Slot win was down 27.2 percent $1.17 million.
Churchill County, which is not among the major reporting areas, had a good month with total gaming win up 5.44 percent to $1.89 million. While slot win was up 7.48 percent, game and table win fell 41 percent to just $45,000.
Finally, the state collected $30.07 million in percentage fees during January of this year. That is 40.38 percent less than the same month of 2020.

Area                            December Win          Percentage Change
Statewide                   $683.73 million         -35.35%
Carson Valley             $9.22 million              -1.04%
South Shore               $15.61 million           -14.08%
North Shore               $1.45 million              -32.58%
Washoe County         $63.39 million           -11.81%
Reno                           $44.06 million           -15.84%
Clark County              $556.9 million           -39.3%
The Strip                    $292 million              -50.66%


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