Senator Square: Carson High FBLA celebrates its seniors

Top row, from left, Angila Golik, Laura Bennet, Serena Dantzler, Abby Golik.
Second row, from left, Bahar Jazani, Sam Nichols, Erin Petersen and Heba Syeddah.

Top row, from left, Angila Golik, Laura Bennet, Serena Dantzler, Abby Golik. Second row, from left, Bahar Jazani, Sam Nichols, Erin Petersen and Heba Syeddah.

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By Angila Golik
(Editor’s Note: Golik is the FBLA Adviser and Honors American Government and Economics teacher at CHS)
Carson High's Future Business Leaders of America chapter held its end-of-the-year awards celebration this week even though this year did place a damper on normal activities adjusting to the COVID-19 restrictions. The annual talent show hosted by FBLA had to shift from an in-person setting to a virtual presentation on YouTube. While different, the event was still wildly successful, and staff and students alike were impressed with the talent at CHS. Another change was the State competition, which also shifted from an in-person conference to virtual presentations. Our members adjusted quickly to this format and walked away with 18 Top 10 awards, including four State championship awards and nine Nationals qualifying events. To celebrate the CHS chapter's success, awards and other recognitions were applauded. Outstanding Member awards were given to CHS Freshman, Laura Bennet, Sophomore, Erin Petersen, Junior, Sam Nichols, and Senior, Abby Golik. Most Top 10 award finishes at State were given to Abby Golik and Bahar Jazani, each placing Top 10 in three out of three events participated. CHS FBLA $500 Scholarship recipients were awarded to both Heba Syeddah and Bahar Jazani, and scholarship runner-up awards were given to CHS Seniors Jaden Anderson, Abby Golik, and Carlos Torres. We then recognized the 14 CHS FBLA Seniors who will be graduating and who will have the honor of wearing the FBLA stole at graduation for their years of service and dedication to CHS FBLA. They are Jaden Anderson, Serena Dantzler, Andrea Delgado, Abby Golik, Andrew Ingram, Bahar Jazani, Bita Jazani, Walker MacKenzie, Makayla Mueller, Casanova Segura, Andrius Stankus, Heba Syeddah, Carlos Torres, and Yahir Mata. Congratulations to all members of FBLA for a memorable year.

Congratulation to CHS’s second Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma Candidates. These students are pioneers, committed to challenging themselves, working hard and overcoming fears. They completed the AP QUEST: Questioning, Understanding, Evaluating, Synthesizing, teamwork and transmitting during a year of AP Seminar, a year of AP Research and at least four other AP courses. They are ready to be successful in whatever route they choose to better the world. It has been the AP Capstone teachers, Ben Spence and Julie Koop’s pleasure to have guided these students on their quest to improve their college readiness and evaluate the world around them. Congratulations to Morgan Craghill, Jacob Crossman, Serena Danzler, Jonah M. Dodd, Christian Garcia Perez, Isaac Harrison, Jeremy Heaton, Tiffani Hodges, Bahar Jazani, Matteas Klatt, Sabrina E. Krueger, Sebastian Krueger, Walker MacKenzie, Taylor Matthews, Emma Peterson, Brynn Prunty, Casanova Segura, and Jashmeen Thind.

The Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps was able to gather as a Battalion and host its Awards Ceremony May 5. Hosted in the CHS Big Gym, the cadets and Naval Science instructors gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the year. In this annual night of celebration, cadets who exemplify outstanding leadership potential and academic achievement received awards for their outstanding citizenship and leadership. Awards were presented by several local and national veterans organizations as well as the Naval Science instructors. Upon completion of the awards ceremony, Cadets anxiously awaited the announcement of next school year’s Battalion Commander and Executive Officer. During the “Change of Command” ceremony, Cadet Diana Perriott relieved Cadet Cash Farnworth as the Battalion Commander. Cadet Allison Gerow was then announced as the new Executive Officer, relieving Cadet Trinity Harvey who was this year's second in command. Prior to being relieved of his responsibilities as the Commanding Officer, Cadet Farnworth spoke to the Battalion Cadets. In part of his speech, he said, “I am confident in the staff who will take over for next year, and I know you will be very successful; I am excited to see each and every cadet excel as a leader.” Additionally, graduating seniors were able to take part in a formal “retirement” ceremony. This emotional ceremony is a tradition in which the senior cadets and their parents and guardians are able to walk through a formation of cadets as they depart the program. This ceremony is a small token to recognize the hard work and dedication these CHS Seniors have put into the NJROTC program. For a few, the NJROTC program has become something they will continue to make a part of their lives, including either enlistment into the US Armed Forces and/or acceptance of commissioning scholarships. In all, each and every senior will forever be ingrained with leadership techniques and continue to live by them as they do now. The NJROTC program has been very influential to many seniors, positively changing their character. Before the program, I was at first a very introverted person. Through leadership challenges, throughout the time I have been involved in the program, I have developed into the person I am today, with developed leadership capabilities and decision making. Overall I have improved as a person and will forever be grateful for what the NJROTC program has made me become. I am one of the seniors who will forever remember this influential program ~ Contributed by cadet Trinity Harvey

Our CHS Blue Thunder Bands, the first full in-person concert in over a year, will have their Spring band concert May 26, at 5:30 p.m. in the stadium. Guests will hear music from the Jazz Band, Cadet Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Marching Band. Students will also be presented with their end-of-the-year awards in this concert which celebrates a successful finish to a crazy year. Come support these hard-working and dedicated band members who are excited to share music with a live audience again. ~ Contributed by CHS Band Director and Capital City Community Band Director Nick Jacques.

To honor the CHS Senior Basketball players, those who unfortunately did not have a senior season, there will be a CHS Staff versus Seniors basketball game May 26 at 6 p.m. in the CHS Big Gym. The seven seniors, five guys and two girls, will be honored before the game. The following CHS Seniors are going to play in the game: Abby Golik, Naycy Alvarez, Gage Mills, Tyler Borst, Justin Nussbaumer, Alex Robison, and Renald Malasaga. As if this were not exciting enough, the seniors of Choir and Musical Theater will be singing the National Anthem at this event.

Yearbooks will sell out for sure, but it is not too late to purchase one by going to Find CHS, click on shop, and click purchase. Also, for seniors only, a Covid-19 yearbook bundle is being offered. Missed buying a yearbook last year, the year before last, or the year before the year before last? No worries as all four years of yearbooks may now be purchased for only $200. Seniors simply need to go to the CHS Student Finance office to purchase the bundle. Remember, the price per yearbook is $95, so take advantage of this rare opportunity through the end of May. For more information, email CHS Journalism teacher and yearbook adviser Cynthia Mills at to get a yearbook from years ago, last year, or one from this year:

CHS plans to have a regular sit down, not a drive through, graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021, June 5, beginning at 9 a.m. on the football field. Attendees will be able to sit in the bleachers and other areas of the football field, such as grass areas and the outside edge, will be; however, all attendees must wear a mask and are encouraged to sit with their families or selected pods and remain socially distance from each other. For those who desire to see graduation and not attend, the ceremony will be live streamed as well. Moreover, Pioneer High School will host an in-person graduation ceremony with a drive through format on campus June 2 at 6 p.m. A video presentation will also be sent to families, and a senior dedication ceremony on campus will be announced. Carson Middle School, 1140 West King Street, will host a drive through promotion ceremony for eighth grade students at 10 a.m. June 4, celebrating its year-end tradition in a new way for the first time. Eagle Valley Middle School, 4151 East Fifth Street, will also hold a drive through promotion ceremony from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 4, holding to its plan from last year. Students at both schools are required to pass all classes, have all necessary credits, and make sure they do not owe any outstanding fees to their schools in order to participate. Staff will conduct a final grade check May 21, and promotion certificates will be mailed along with report cards. If any of the district’s various elementary schools decide to host fifth grade promotions and Pre-K or kindergarten graduations, information will be sent directly to parents and families. For more information, go to, or call 283-2000.

CHS Athletic Department’s Athletes of the Week are Carlos Torres for Boys Varsity Swim and Alexandra Llamas-Cruz for Girls Varsity Swim. These athletes and all students who participate in school functions through leadership, clubs, and sports deserve a high level of recognition and congratulations.

Congratulations to Annika Bruketta on being nominated the CHS Student of the Week. Kind, concerned about others, and wearing a genuine and never-ending smile, Annika exemplifies the definition of a high achieving honors student with a definitive plan for her future. Though she is two weeks away from calling herself a sophomore, Annika is already looking toward the future. She plans to graduate from CHS as a member of the CHS Class of 2024 with her high school diploma as well as acquire her associates of science degree at the same time through the WNC Jump Start program. Then, Annika will finish her undergraduate degree at a yet to be decided upon university and proceed to medical school to become a pediatric or orthopedic surgeon. In class, Annika demonstrates perfect behavior and is tactful and respectable in her relationships with her peers and in her relationships with her teachers. According to Annika, “What I like to do outside of school is competitive dance, competitive cheer, and travel.” For no particular reason other than to bless her Honors English I teacher with a gift, Annika created a T-shirt for him with his Trademark “BRADY BUCKS”, extra-credit for writing in cursive, insignia. Congratulations to Annika Bruketta for her positivity and optimism. Anyone who meets her will walk away feeling happy and inspired. 
Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS. 


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