Fallon student debuts new movie

Strange extraterrestrial occurrences in ‘Monte Carlo’

Colton Urquhart’s latest movie, “Monte Carlo,” debuts Saturday at the Fallon Theatre.

Colton Urquhart’s latest movie, “Monte Carlo,” debuts Saturday at the Fallon Theatre.
Photo by Steve Ranson.

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Colton Urquhart is not quite a household name, but as the years progress for this Fallon 15-year-old, the world of the movie-making business will be easily at his fingertips.
And with it comes distinction and fame.
Urquhart may only be a teenager, but he’s looking forward to the debut of his science fiction feature film, “Monte Carlo.” The debut is Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Fallon Theatre. Admission is free, but a donation is encouraged.
“It’s a feature film about an hour and a half long,” said the Fallon native. “I’ve been working on it now for a few years.”
Urquhart, whose parents are Vanessa and Kris Urquhart, said he began working on his largest venture before the “Legion of Hope,” another feature film, came out. The Fallon cinematographer, though, has his focus directly with “Monte Carlo.”
According to the movie’s official description, Kris is the average family man, but his life is about to take a turn in a much different direction when he finds out his neighbor isn’t who he thought he was. Kris works as a private pilot delivering cargo for the rich, traveling far and wide. Strange occurrences start manifesting all around him, and he learns of an extraterrestrial presence.
Did he conspire with them? Is he lying? Or are they just here by accident?
Urquhart said the extraterrestrials are returning to earth for something they left in the 1950s.
The film has been a labor of love for Urquhart. He runs and owns Sudoku Productions, the first film production studio independently run and owned by a 15-year-old film maker. He came up with his latest movie idea when he was working on a car with his grandfather. Coincidentally, that car was a Monte Carlo. With the main idea developed, Urquhart selected several locations for filming including Maine Street in front of the theater, at his house and also at his grandfather’s residence and at the Fallon Municipal Airport.
“That’s where most of the scenes are filmed,” he said of the small airport located northwest of the city.
Urquhart said some scenes also were filmed at Sand Mountain, but he decided to cut those location shots.
During the film, Urquhart plays the narrator, and his father is the main character. He said the film has a few side characters. As he was planning his movie, he asked his father to play the main part.
“He’s a good dad, and he helped me with it,” Urquhart said.
Glen Perazzo, a retired drama teacher from Churchill County High School, helped Urquhart with advice and encouraged the Fallon teen during the process.
“Colton has premiered other original films at the Fallon Theatre, and we appreciate his talents and love to support his efforts,” Perazzo said.
From there Urquhart developed his ideas for music, some of it he produced and other selections he purchased a license for use.
“I’ve put in quite a lot of work into this,” Urquhart said of his latest movie project.
Dr. Stuart Richardson, who sits on the Fallon Community Theater, Inc.’s Board of Directors, is anxious for the Saturday premiere.
“Here’s local talent, born and raised here who produced a film in Churchill County,” Richardson said. “He (Colton) has a specialty. He is a producer and director, and we think it’s remarkable.”

Monte Carlo debuts on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Fallon Theatre. The link to the first trailer is https://youtu.be/ZuLS5OB2eL0.


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