Letters to the editor for November 3, 2021

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 Is this what we want the children to see?
As a native Nevadan I have always been proud of my state. My husband and I have been participants in the Nevada Day parade in Carson City for years and it has consistently been an enjoyable celebration. This year, it was a perfect autumn day with beautiful blue Nevada skies, that was unfortunately marred by the ignorant behavior of some people on the sidelines.
As the parade began, there were many in the crowd yelling obscenities at Gov. Sisolak, making rude gestures and booing him, actions which continued throughout the entire route of the parade. I was embarrassed for him and horrified that these people thought this obnoxious and disrespectful behavior was in any way appropriate. Our governor has always been an honored guest in our annual Admissions Day parade.
When has this lack of civility ever been acceptable? It is deplorable. The parade is not a political rally, and it is not a proper venue for loudly and viciously airing political grievances. Ruining this otherwise lovely event with obscene and disruptive infantile taunts, gestures and written posters is unbelievably thoughtless and inconsiderate.
Of course, many children were present for the parade. Is this behavior something we want them to learn and emulate? Or is it possible that people can restrain themselves from exhibiting inexcusably rude behavior, and save that unpleasantness for their next political rally? Children imitate our actions and speech, and it seems far more advisable to teach them to be kind, respectful and considerate, even when they don't happen to like or understand something. For those who acted rudely, please stop this boorish and ugly behavior, particularly at a parade where it is monumentally out of place. This was a Nevada Day Parade; not a protest!
Mavis Le Page Leathley
Virginia City Highlands


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