Letters to the editor for November 6, 2021

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Is this what we want the children to see?
As a native Nevadan I have always been proud of my state. My husband and I have been participants in the Nevada Day parade in Carson City for years and it has consistently been an enjoyable celebration. This year, it was a perfect autumn day with beautiful blue Nevada skies, that was unfortunately marred by the ignorant behavior of some people on the sidelines.
As the parade began, there were many in the crowd yelling obscenities at Gov. Sisolak, making rude gestures and booing him, actions which continued throughout the entire route of the parade. I was embarrassed for him and horrified that these people thought this obnoxious and disrespectful behavior was in any way appropriate. Our governor has always been an honored guest in our annual Admissions Day parade.
When has this lack of civility ever been acceptable? It is deplorable. The parade is not a political rally, and it is not a proper venue for loudly and viciously airing political grievances. Ruining this otherwise lovely event with obscene and disruptive infantile taunts, gestures and written posters is unbelievably thoughtless and inconsiderate.
Of course, many children were present for the parade. Is this behavior something we want them to learn and emulate? Or is it possible that people can restrain themselves from exhibiting inexcusably rude behavior, and save that unpleasantness for their next political rally? Children imitate our actions and speech, and it seems far more advisable to teach them to be kind, respectful and considerate, even when they don't happen to like or understand something. For those who acted rudely, please stop this boorish and ugly behavior, particularly at a parade where it is monumentally out of place. This was a Nevada Day Parade; not a protest!
Mavis Le Page Leathley
Virginia City Highlands

Don’t blame the secretary of State
Here we go – during the last legislative session, two tax initiatives were put forward and qualified to be on the ballot by the Clark County Education Association. But the union was expected to withdraw the petitions after a last-minute deal with the Democratic-controlled Legislature that pumped more money toward education through a mining tax increase.
Yes, they increased the mining tax with those dollars going to education. We already rank nearly last in the U.S. with our education system and just throwing money at it won’t solve the problems. We need school choice and competition for parents to choose where their children get an education. The money needs to follow the student.
What happened then? They did not withdraw them, and Barbara Cegavske has no choice but to put the two tax increase questions on the ballot and follow the law and the Nevada Constitution. The secretary of State pointed to the Constitution’s use of the word “shall” in a passage about petitions, arguing that this “imposes a mandatory, not discretionary, obligation” to put the tax questions on the ballot to decide whether they want to increase their taxes on two initiatives. Hopefully, the citizens of Nevada will NOT pass these rather large tax increases during the election process.
Don’t blame the secretary of State for abiding by the Nevada Constitution. Blame the Clark County Education Association for getting a tax increase and not abiding by their word to remove the petitions.
Scott Hoen
Carson City

Right where I left them
When you get older here is one of the problems you might encounter.
One day I had been cleaning my computer then remembered a couple of other things I had to do and began looking for my glasses so I could check the information I was looking for.
When I realized I couldn't find my glasses, I asked myself ... where the heck did I put my glasses?
Moments later I realized they were sitting on my face. That was a surprise!
Mary Santomauro

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland is a disgrace. First, without rationale he directed the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate (harass and intimidate) parents who oppose CRT and the indoctrination of their children in public schools. Disregarding for the moment his apparent conflict of interest; this was an assault on the First Amendment which he is sworn to uphold. The DOJ’s involvement was intended solely to silence opposition to CRT.
Second, Garland has not directed the DOJ and FBI to investigate the Loudoun school officials for their failure to report the sexual assault of a child. Federal law requires K-12 schools and employees to immediately report sexual assault. Not only did the Loudoun County School Board cover up the assault, they denied it took place. In fact, they facilitated a second assault. Both of these are federal crimes.
Third is the curious case of Hunter Biden, the drug-addled, influence-peddling, unregistered foreign agent and felonious gun purchasing son of the president. I think we all know that if Hunter’s last name was Trump, he’d be wearing an orange jump suit.
Prosecuting crime and protecting the rights of women, children and parents are not a priority for this AG. It seems his only interest is advancing CRT and shielding school boards from parental oversight. He is a partisan hack and as such he is unfit to be AG.
Mike Rodgick
Carson City

What would have happened?
Let's cut to the chase shall we? There is truth and there is fiction. There is truth and there are lies. There is truth and there are Republicans. As of now, the truth is that some Republican elected congresspersons, White House staff members, of course Trump, and others were all in on the attempted coup of Jan. 6.
These people purposely planned an insurrection, and an attempted overthrow of our own government. Americans were killed trying to protect our democracy. If these rioters had gotten their hands on Pence or Pelosi, or any others the mob could capture, what would have happened?
Every one of these treasonous people should charged, indicted, tried in an open court of law, with cameras, so the American people can see with their own eyes. We the people need to see it up close and real, so generations to come can have faith in our laws, and know it's just not lip service. I am weary of hearing that “no one is above the law.” Actions have consequences. And those persons who perpetrated this outrageous act of violence against our own fellow citizens, and our nation, must be held accountable.
We can only hope justice will prevail. If you believe in what the perpetrators are selling and stand for, please do me and others a huge favor: Leave this country. America doesn't need you. And the rest us can all move forward to peace, prosperity, and equality among civilized humans beings.
Rick Van Alfen
Carson City

Thank you for support
Carson City Republican Women want to thank the greater Carson City community for the very successful Nevada Day Pancake Breakfast held Oct. 30 at the Governor's Mansion.
This event is held every year as a fund raiser for the yearly scholarship offered to a high school senior. The huge success for this event was due to many within the club as well as our local businesses who provide donations for the breakfast.
A special thank you to Kim Fiegehen of Glen Eagles Restaurant for all her efforts and contributions. The staff at the Governor's Mansion always provide the best assistance as well and it is greatly appreciated.
We look forward to 2022 and another successful Pancake Breakfast. We hope to see you there.
Carson City Republican Women


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